Moon Magic

Drawing on biodynamic principals, each Alyssum Alchemy product is cultivated at potent moon phases.  

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Biodynamics is a holistic approach to growing plants and food developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights of scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner.  Biodynamic practitioners acknowledge the co-creative relationship we have with the Earth as well as the subtle influences the cosmos and its cycles have on the natural world.  With a focus on ecological and ethical farming the movement aims to work in harmony with the earth to improve the integrity of our food, and in turn our health.  The timing of planting, pruning, harvesting and cultivating crops is timed with the cycles of the moon, planets and stars.  

Ancient traditions, astrology and modern mystics all draw a clear connection with the moon's cycles and it’s effects on humans and our planet. The moon's gravitation pull impacts all bodies of water on the planet. The ocean's tides are governed by the eb and flow of the moon's cycle, as are our own inner oceans.  The human body is made up of up to 70% water and just as the water on the surface of the earth feels the gravitational pull of the moon, our bodies are also affected by the moon's cycle.  While this effect is more energetic than physical, the moon and its phases will have an impact on your emotions and your energetic body and you can draw on this cyclic energy in your own life in many ways.  

Energetically the various phases of the moon offer us the following opportunities: 

The Dark of the Moon (when there is no moon in the sky) is a good time to reflect, meditate and go inwards.  Use this time to rest and rebuild your energy.

Sacred Stardust Dream Mist is infused with crystals and blessed with Reiki on the Dark Moon drawing on this quietly retracting energy.  

The New Moon (when a tiny sliver of moon appears in the sky) is a great opportunity to start new projects, write lists, make plans, plant seeds (literally and metaphorically) and make wishes.

Clarity Remedy Oil is infused with crystals and blessed with Reiki on the New Moon drawing on this energy of momentum and new beginnings.  

The Waxing Moon (when the moon grows towards fullness) is a chance to action your plans and goals made on the new moon and work towards health and increase.  

The Full Moon is energetically at its peak, and offers up an energy of expansion and creativity: the moon is full and ripe with possibility.  It is also a time of completion and a powerful time to determine what changes you want to bring into your life.  Use this time to set intentions and to invite love and abundance into your life.  

Sacred Space Meditation Mist, Siren Song Salt Soak, Rose Radiance Facial Nectar and Rose Radiance Face Mist are all infused with crystals and other healing energies at the Full Moon drawing on this abundant and vital energy.   

The Waning Moon (as it gets smaller) energetically is a good time to let go, to detox, to declutter, to clean and throw away what you no longer need.

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