Rest and Refresh Dream Kit


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Drift off to deep slumber with the soothing fragrance of organic lavender and awaken refreshed and energised for a new day. 

This nurturing gift pack perfect is for new mums, people recovering from illness or anyone who could do with a longer sleep in.  

Comes beautifully gift wrapped in a recycled cardboard box 



1 x hand dyed silk shibori eye pillow

1 x Sacred Stardust Dream Mist 50ml




Deepen your relaxation and drift off to sleep with the soothing fragrance of organic lavender.

Your Organic Zen eye pillow has been handmade out of hand dyed silk using the shibori technique and indigo dye.

Shibori is an ancient Japanese fabric dying method traditionally using naturally derived Indigo dye. This meditative art form creates beautiful patterns, from intricate to bold depending on the method (wrapping, binding stitching, twisting), with each piece wonderfully unique.

Your pillow has been filled with organic flaxseeds and organic lavender flowers and also contains a reiki charged amethyst crystal to enhance your relaxation or meditation.

Enhance your relaxation or meditation practise with the soothing fragrance of organic lavender. Ideal to use during shavasana, cat naps, travel, or as part of your bedtime ritual. Cool pillow in the fridge to quell a headache and soothe puffy eyes.

Refresh fragrance every 6 months with 2-3 drops of pure lavender essential oil, or use with Alyssum Alchemy's 'Sacred Stardust Dream Mist' or 'Sacred Space Meditation Mist'.

*Please note: Due to the use of natural dye on the silk it is recommended to use the black fabric (non silk) side over your eyes and avoid contact with light coloured fabrics.  Each eye pillow is slightly different due to the unique variations caused by the dying process.  Your pillow will be chosen randomly so may not look exactly like the one pictured.  


This enchanting atmospheric mist contains oils, crystals and essences traditionally used to assist with sleep, stress and anxiety. Mist your body, room or linen and unwind with calming organic oils of Mandarin, Chamomile, Vetiver and Lavender. Use as part of your evening ritual or to combat stress during your day.

Infused with Moonstone and Amethyst on the Dark Moon. Blessed with Reiki. 

Enhanced with carefully selected Gem and Flower Essences to support you as you sink into a place of quiet rest and gently release any anxiety and stress:   Be cupped in love and support with essences of Chicago peace rose, Arctic cotton grass, dandelion, pink flannel flower, chalice well, jet, aquamarine, sandstone, clear quartz

Housed in Swiss made Violet glass to protect and preserve the potency of the natural ingredients and energetic vibrations.

Handcrafted in Australian with love. 100% Natural. Vegan. Palm Free. Cruelty Free.

Props not included in sale 

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