Daily Rituals Intention Pack

$100.00 $116.00

Sacred Ritual Tools to support a daily intentional practise of self care 

Valued at $116 this supportive tool kit includes:  

1 x Eunioa Daily Rituals Deck

1 x Clarity Remedy Oil - 10ml

1 x Sacred Space Meditation Mist - 50ml 


Suggested Daily Ritual practise: 

1. Mist yourself with the Sacred Space Meditation Mist 

Invite guidance and support as you take a moment to take three deep breaths inhaling the sacred scent to support you to centre and ground for the day.   If you are able, use this time to do a daily meditation practise too (as little as 5 minutes can make all the difference) 

2. Choose a card. 

The purpose of the Daily Rituals deck is to give you an intention, message, ritual and mantra to connect with throughout your day. 

To choose your Eunoia Daily ritual, shuffle the cards with the illustration card facing down. Ask yourself the question 'What is the ritual I need the most today?'

A card may fly out or you might intuitively pick one from the deck.
Each card has a message, mantra and ritual for you to weave into your day.

3.  Anoint your temples, back of neck and wrists with Clarity Remedy Oil

As you apply the Clarity oil set an intention for the day inspired by the card you chose, or simply speak aloud the mantra and message from the card as you breathe in the uplifting and motivating scent of peppermint, lemon, rosemary and sandalwood.   

4.  Greet the day feeling grounded, centred and focused!  

Place your oracle card somewhere around your house or workspace where you'll see it most as a visual reminder of your intention.  


More information about the contents of the pack:  

Sacred Space Meditation Mist 50ml

Awaken your intuition and activate your Crown and Third Eye chakras with this completely plant based organic sacred atmospheric mist containing organic herbs, resins, crystals and woods used in ceremony and ritual since ancient times.  This mist acts as an auric smudge and protection mist as well as a tool to connect with your own inner knowing as well as your guides.    Enhanced with carefully selected Gem and Flower Essences to support you in your spiritual journey, trusting in the unfoldment of your divine path and connecting with your own inner wisdom.  Read more about this sacred support tool here.


Eunioa Daily Rituals Deck

The Eunoia Daily Rituals deck is a unique interpretation of an affirmation meets oracle card deck.  Made and designed in Australia.  Printed on 100% sustainably sourced and recycled materials.  Each deck is folded and packed by hand.

This deck includes 37 goddess cards, printed front and back and is designed to give you an intention, message, ritual and mantra to connect with throughout your day. 

Read more about this deck on the product page here.


Clarity Remedy Oil 10ml

An uplifting and refreshing roll-on remedy to invite vitality, inspiration and focus. Organic oils of Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint and Lemon Myrtle motivate and aid concentration while Australian Sandalwood, Lavender and Fragonia have been known to support feelings of calm.  Enhanced with carefully selected gem and flower essences to support you in stepping into a place of vibrant vitality, motivation, inspiration and clarity as you make your goals a reality.  Read more about this award winning oil here.  


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