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Alyssum Alchemy

Grace - Soften into Self Worth

Grace - Soften into Self Worth

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Unfold into Blossoming Grace

What if you loved yourself unconditionally?

One on one mentoring package of soul nourishment to support you in building your resilience and inner radiance while softening into self worth and receivership.

Each session and container is tailored to your specific needs and desires but will include:

  • High level bespoke energetic mentoring and healing support for four consecutive weeks around the topics of self love, acceptance, worthiness, receivership and showering yourself with the gift of grace.     
  • 2 x (fortnightly) Flourish Quantum Source Light Energy Clearing and Healing sessions (valued at $444) 
  • A self love package containing award winning sacred skincare, herbal tea, anointing oil, flower essences and journaling practises (sent to your door before commencement of the container). (valued at $200)*
  • Email / DM support throughout
  • Rose Medicine Initiation and Journey - A ceremony with the sacred Rose.  We will work energetically with the frequency of rose over four weeks.  Home practises included.
  • Explore devotion as a frequency.  How can you bring more devotional energy into your self care practices? 
  • Exploring the heart space as a portal to self love and beyond.
  • Exploring boundaries and how to protect your precious energy. 
  • Multidimensional healing to support clearing of unhealthy patterns getting in the way of loving yourself deeply and unconditionally.
  • Guided meditations, journaling prompts and supportive self care practices to ignite self love.

*additional postage fees apply to clients outside of Australia

Terms and Conditions

Please read the below carefully before booking or scheduling your time.

It will be assumed you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions when you book your appointment.

Due to limited appointment availability, payments for sessions are non refundable if you do not show up to our prearranged meeting online.

I am excited to hold space for you and will have carved out this dedicated time especially for you.

I also prepare myself energetically with meditation and personal practises for some time before a schedulled meeting with a client to ensure I can be a fully present space holder.

Thank you for committing to this time, and honouring our appointment window.

Cancellations or reschedules are permitted up to 48 hours before our appointment.

Cancellations after this time will attract the full booking fee, as this time was reserved solely for you.

By booking an energy or mentoring session with Alison Gallagher you acknowledge the information provided during our session is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any known medical conditions.

You acknowledge that energy work can sometimes bring up past and present emotions, tensions and trauma and by booking this session you take responsibility to pursue additional, qualified support from a professional healthcare provider if needed.

You are an active participant in this healing session and take full responsibility for your own wellbeing.

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