Mystic Awakening Ritual Giftpack

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The Ultimate Gift Pack for Sprit Junkies, Gypsie Souls and Wellness Warriors 

You will receive: 

1 x limited edition hand dyed shibori silk eye pillow 

1 x 50ml Sacred Space Meditation Mist 

1 x 10ml Clarity Remedy Oil

1 x Sacred Ceremony Ritual Mist

1 x piece of palo santo

1 x piece of Australian aquamarine (1-2cm piece)

1 x piece of Australian smoky quartz (1-2cm piece)

1 x handmade organic cotton/hemp pouch 

Free domestic delivery - to your door or can be sent directly to your giftee!

Comes beautifully gift wrapped in a recycled cardboard box 

Valued at $210


About the contents:


Your Organic Zen eye pillow has been handcrafted from hand dyed silk using the shibori technique and naturally derived indigo dye.

Shibori is an ancient Japanese fabric dying method traditionally using naturally derived Indigo dye. This meditative art form creates beautiful patterns, from intricate to bold depending on the method (wrapping, binding stitching, twisting), with each piece wonderfully unique.

Your pillow has been filled with organic flaxseeds and organic lavender flowers and also contains a small reiki charged amethyst crystal to enhance your relaxation or meditation.   Ideal to use during shavasana, cat naps, travel, or as part of your bedtime ritual. Cool pillow in the fridge to quell a headache and soothe puffy eyes.

Refresh fragrance every 6 months with 2-3 drops of pure lavender essential oil, or use with Alyssum Alchemy's 'Sacred Stardust Dream Mist' or 'Sacred Space Meditation Mist'.

* Please note: Due to the use of natural dye on the silk it is recommended to use the plain fabric (non silk) side over your eyes and avoid contact with light coloured fabrics.  Each eye pillow is slightly different due to the unique variations caused by the dying process, your pillow will be randomly selected and may not look like the one pictured. 



Activate your Crown and Third Eye chakras with this sacred atmospheric mist containing herbs, resins, crystals and woods used in ceremony and ritual since ancient times. Lemon and Rosemary invite clarity while Frankincense and Australian Sandalwood calm an active mind. Mist your body or room to assist in creating Sacred Space. Ideal for meditation, yoga or space clearing.

Infused with Australian Smoky Quartz on a Full Moon.  Blessed with Reiki.  

Enhanced with carefully selected Gem and Flower Essences to support you in your spiritual journey, trusting in the unfoldment of your divine path and connecting with your own inner wisdom


An uplifting and refreshing roll-on remedy to invite vitality, inspiration and focus. Organic oils of Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint and Lemon Myrtle motivate and aid concentration while Australian Sandalwood, Lavender and Fragonia help to calm and ease anxiety.  

  • Massage into your neck & pulse points for motivation & mental clarity
  • Ideal for work & travel
  • Use as a tool to support you as you set intentions, affirmations or goals. Set an intention, apply to pulse points and inhale the oil as you reinforce in your mind your new goal or visualise it manifesting.  
  • Contains essential oils traditionally used to assist with study & to help alleviate anxiety, headaches, nausea & jet lag.  

Infused with Australian Clear Quartz on a New Moon. Blessed with Reiki.  

Enhanced with carefully selected gem and flower essences to support you in stepping into a place of vibrant vitality, motivation, inspiration and clarity as you take steps to make your goals a reality


Dedicated to sacred days and special events this New Moon perfume and atmospheric mist is perfect for birthing children (as well as ideas and dreams), weddings, launching new businesses or ventures, moving house or office, consecrating circles and soulful events or any other rituals or experiences worthy of ceremony.  
Mist your body and space to consecrate and bless the ceremony while inviting Divine Presence to bear witness.  Holds the frequency of the Pisces Solar Eclipse New Moon to support new beginnings and stepping into the light, blessed with sacred Reiki symbols. 
Frankincense and lemon release fears and anxiety, rose and neroli invite a gentle unfolding of the heart space while Australian sandalwood grounds and calms as you step onto your new path.   Blended to be subtle enough to be used during labour or to wear in conjunction with a perfume on your wedding day.
Ideal to use before speaking at an event or workshop for confidence, courage and promotes self expression.  Use to charge and consecrate sacred spaces, circles, events or objects.
Infused with untreated Australian Aquamarine sourced from the Harts Ranges in Northern Territory.  Aquamarine emits a calming energy and supports courage of the heart and expressing yourself with confidence and grace.  
Contains a sequence of carefully selected gem and flower essences to support stepping into the light with courage, confidence and an open heart whilst feeling supported and 'held'.  Essences chosen help to align and activate chakras, particularly the crown, heart and throat chakras.  



These crystals have been hand dug from the Australian earth by Patrick of Crystals of Australia.  Australian aquamarine is quite rare and you will receive a small raw piece sourced from the Harts Ranges in NT.  Your piece of Australian Smoky Quartz is from the Torrington region of NSW.   


The pattern is hand drawn and screen printed with water based inks. The exterior fabric is heavy weight 55% hemp/45% organic cotton. The lining fabric is organic cotton. It features ykk brass zipper.

Approximate dimensions: W 21cm x H 16cm (8.2 x 6.2 in)

Hand made by One Thousand Lines in Adelaide, Australia.





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