Premium Wild Western Australian Sandalwood Incense


Natural incense sticks made from Premium Wild Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum). These natural, incense sticks are made from New Mountain premium Wild Sandalwood Powder. They are very fragrant and leave a long lasting aroma throughout the home. 

Contains 30 Premium Sandalwood Incense Sticks (with 5 bonus sticks), each stick burns for approximately 50 minutes.

The Sandalwood used in these incense sticks is made from pure Wild Western Australian Sandalwood that has died naturally in the desert and is collected by licensed harvesters. The Sandalwood regeneration program ensures that there will be a sustainable supply of Wild native Sandalwood grown throughout Western Australia.

Incense has been used as a ritual tool for centuries and can be a very effective space clearing method as well as help to positively affect the energetics of a space.  Unfortunately most incense on the market is made with poor quality or synthetic ingredients.  This incense is made from 100% pure sandalwood powder and it smells heavenly.   A purifying and fragrant addition to your sacred daily rituals and very generous in size, these sticks can even be broken into half if you want a shorter burn time. 

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