Rose Quartz Sacred Beauty Wand - Facial Roller

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Hand carved out of genuine prized Madagascan Rose Quartz and finished with Gold plated metal fixtures, the Alyssum Alchemy Rose Quartz Sacred Beauty Wand is the ultimate self care beauty tool.  This facial massaging wand will help stimulate circulation and collagen production, and assist your facial oil to penetrate deeply into the dermis (skin).   

Smudged with palo santo smoke, blessed with sacred Reiki symbols and charged by the heightened moon magic of the Super Blue Lunar Eclipse in January 2018.  

Facial massage is a clinically proven technique to boost your skin's radiance, tone and suppleness through increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Using gentle upward strokes start from the jawline to infuse your Rose Radiance Facial Nectar or Divine Dew Drops Radiance Oil deeply into your skin with a relaxing and cooling facial massage using the smooth contours of the Sacred Beauty Wand. Across the forehead gently work crossways to help soften the muscles which cause us to frown.  

Also use to help release tension from your jaw, temples and neck; massage over inflamed sinus or use trace your meridians.  The perfect tool for therapists to incorporate into body work or facial rituals.  

Keep away from water and wipe with a clean damp cloth after using, and dry thoroughly before storing. 

Take special care of your Sacred Beauty WandRose quartz is delicate and easily chipped or broken if dropped.  

"Don't be put off by the lack of electrical buzz - the Alyssum Alchemy facial roller is a game changer, especially for the delicate eye area.  Before your massage put the roller in the fridge for 15 minutes, then simply combine it with the included facial oil for a smooth massage.  see how much your face glows after 10 minutes of rolling."  - Sarah Brooks Wilson for Fitness First Magazine Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

Also available in select Sacred Skincare giftpacks

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