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Alyssum Alchemy

Scents of Summer - A Seasonal, Sensual Journey for a Queen

Scents of Summer - A Seasonal, Sensual Journey for a Queen

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A limited edition seasonal offering, I have 3 gift packs available 

Journey through the season of summer with an immersion of sensory treats for your entire being, tip to toe.  Embody your Queen archetype as you sip your organic herbal brew to boost radiance, soak your feet in magnesium rich herbal salts, soothe your entire body in a warm bath and dab the scent of fresh gardenias upon your pulse points from a gold plated vintage vessel.  

This special gift pack valued at over $158 (save over 20%) includes all the limited edition releases for Summer '23

1 x gold plated gardenia slow made enfleurage solid perfume ($78 value)

True luxury in form.  Perfume the way is should be.  Presented in a gold plated locket for keeps.  Find out more about this perfume here

1 x Sacred Salt Soak Bath Salts 250g ($26 value)

A luxurious bathing ritual harnessing the purifying benefits of prized Australian salts, Tasmanian kelp and Australian pink clay.  This truly unique mineral rich bath soak is housed in a 250g eco pouch and contains only prized gourmet salts sourced ethically and sustainably from across Australia.  For full product description and ingredients visit here

1 x Barefoot Beauty Foot Soak 200g ($24 value)

Soak your tired footsies in this special magnesium rich herbal foot soak featuring Australian native oils of Rosalina and Bush Mint and unwind with uplifting aromas and restorative rest.  Soaking our feet in magnesium enables easy and bio-available absorption of this essential mineral, restoring cellular magnesium levels.  Magnesium nourishes our nervous system, helps to balance hormones, assists with restorative sleep, detoxification and muscle health.  Soaking your feet in salts helps with circulation and is especially cooling on the system in hot weather.  Find out more about the foot fantasy here

1 x Goddess Glow Beauty Tea 45g ($18 value)

Beauty is mostly an inside job.  Nourish your gut and stay hydrated with nutrient dense liquids and you'll be glowing!  Organic herbs of rose, hibiscus, cardamon pods, spearmint, lemon myrtle and strawberry gum combine to create a vibrant and full bodied herbal tisane to boost your inner and outer beauty.  Rose is a digestive, relaxant and has been a feminine beauty booster since time began.  Hibiscus will boost your immunity and your radiance with potent vitamin C and gut support, cardamom stimulates digestion and warms the belly while spearmint supports elimination of toxins and gently soothes the digestive tract.  

To read up on the full benefits of this floral herbal tisane visit the Goddess Glow Beauty Tea listing here

Delivered to your door within Australia ($12 value)

Packaged in a recycled, Australian made cardboard box, wrapped in gold tissue and finished with a festive flourish 

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