Sacred Ceremony for the Skin, Senses and Spirit

Fragrant Artistry, Organic Skincare and Energy Medicine

Exquisite and Nourishing Self Care to Elevate your Frequency

Ceremonial Tea House and Spa

Fill your cup.  Make it a pretty one brimming with delicious organic... 

Sacred Skincare

The Skincare Revolution is Here Organic High Vibrational Sacred Skincare® to Nurture... 

Botanical Perfumes

FRAGRANT ARTISTY Organic Botanical Perfumes made the way nature intended.  Raw plant... 

Award Winning Perfumes and Skincare

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  • Alyssum Alchemy's range of Intentional Aromatherapy, Botanical Perfumes and Sacred Skincare® is truly unique and made with the utmost integrity and purity of intention.

    Harnessing the healing powers of aromatherapy, herbal solar infusions, gem and flower essences, crystals and high frequency light and sound activations.

  • Sourcing high quality, ethical and organic ingredients, the Alyssum Alchemy range is 100% natural, palm free, and animal cruelty free.  Every ingredient has been carefully selected and meticulously researched.  Our formulas draw on modern science, as well as ancient wisdom and traditional remedies.