The Magic of Violet Glass

Exquisite, expensive and effective, Swiss designed Violet glass was the natural choice to house, preserve and protect the potent but delicate vibrations and ingredients of the Alyssum Alchemy range.  

Inspired by the vials of elixirs and potions from ancient Egypt and vessels used by alchemists of the Middle Ages, violet glass combines ancient traditions with incredible modern technology to produce a dense, dark and truly beautiful glass designed to protect the potency and vibrations of delicate natural ingredients.  

Violet glass acts as a filter to block the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet and infra red frequencies. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the degrading process caused by visible light, while increasing the vitality of the contents and maintaining the energetic integrity of the whole Alyssum Alchemy range.

Plastic is so toxic to our bodies and our environment, containing harmful petroleum by-products and chemicals.  Consciously supporting business who only package in glass means you are reducing the toxic load on your precious body and our sacred and beautiful land.  

Good Karma Bottle Exchange

Return to us your pristine Alyssum Alchemy empties and receive an Alyssum Alchemy gift voucher by taking part in the Good Karma Bottle Exchange.  Find out more here.  

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