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I believe we all have access to a deep well of magic within ourselves.  It is where our inspired creativity lies, where our open-hearted unconditional love lives, where our tightly held secret hopes and desires sit, and our inner child plays.  It is an enchanted world referenced by ancient myths and mystics, revealed by bliss, meditation, ceremony and ritual, borrowed by fairy tales and expressed in art forms since time began. It's the richly rewarding connection so many of us seek and it's within our grasp.  We each have our own key to this place, and there are many doors through which to enter, but so many never even dare…..  

My key was found amongst vials of oils and fragments of crystals, it shone under the light of the full moon.  Once I opened the door I never looked back.     

In 2003 I moved from Brisbane to Sydney leaving behind family and friends to chase acting dreams.  I won an acting competition, found myself a top agent and began auditioning for TV shows, coming close to landing a lead in a major show.  But the big break never came, it was always out of reach. 

I wanted to step into the world of film and TV because I thought that's what dreams were made of: dramatic creative expression, bringing stories to life, inspiring and informing audiences, bringing magic into people’s lives.  It was while I waited to be 'discovered', that I discovered something for myself, the enriching world of aromatherapy.  

I worked for leading Australian aromatherapy company Perfect Potion in Sydney for almost nine years, intensively studying the healing powers of essential oils and natural skin care, hosting workshops and embarking upon a journey of discovery and creative experimentation.

I felt empowered and excited by natural healing, and studied crystals, meditation, the cycles of the moon and alchemy. I actively took responsibility for my wellbeing and consciously changed my lifestyle and diet. I journaled and made time for daily self care rituals so I could restore and reconnect. Instead of focusing on the career I didn’t have, I discovered the gift of gratitude and cherished what was precious in my life. 

I remembered the child who collected sweet alyssum flowers, steeping them in a rainwater filled enamel teapot under the sun, who found seashells and stones on trips to the beach and bush.  A child who believed in magic, who was in awe of natural beauty and who had infinite trust that the universe would provide all she would ever need.  

My alchemical blends assisted me as I worked through emotional and energetic shifts. Working with specific moon phases was particularly helpful with shifting deep blocks and facilitating healing on many levels.  Gradually my acting dream faded as I learned to surrender and listen to my guides.  Finally heeding the soft voice calling me to explore healing, my ego let go of a life in the lights.  This new light was so much brighter.

Experiencing for myself the synergy of aromatherapy, lunar phases and energy work, I furthered my study, completing a Diploma in Energy Healing, Certificates in Meditation Facilitation, Intuitive Awareness, Crystal and Essence Therapies and the advanced study of Reiki healing up to Master level. 

The Alyssum Alchemy product range was born in 2012 out of a love of natural therapies and energy medicine but also a desire to do some good in the world.  I personally see life as a wonderful gift that should be celebrated. I feel drawn to encouraging others to rediscover the magic and joy in their own lives with simple mindfulness practises and daily self-care rituals.

After giving birth to my son Flynn in 2014 self-care rituals became a central part of my own healing and transformation as I learned the ropes of parenthood, the experience giving me an even deeper understanding of how taking time out for daily sacred rituals can nourish and replenish our spirit and soul.  

I truly believe my products, if you let them, will bring a sprinkle of magic into your life.  Let Alyssum Alchemy stir your soul and perhaps even nudge you towards finding your own key to a Wonderland Within, a place steeped in dreams, mystery and infinite unwavering love.   

Love and Light




Portraits by Sara Pizzi of My Darling Muse



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