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Alyssum Alchemy

Flourish - Bespoke Energy Healing Package

Flourish - Bespoke Energy Healing Package

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Release the Old and Welcome the New 

Books now open for 2024 - NEW updated price and session duration

This is my signature energy healing package


  • 5 minute check in chat to set intentions and connect before the session begins
  • 50 minute distance energy clearing and quantum source light energy healing
  • 45 min Zoom call and intuitive reading 
  • A $20 digital gift voucher to put toward a handcrafted Alyssum Alchemy product or customised flower essence to support you as you integrate your healing. 

It's time to shine and step out of the shadows.  A ceremonial container to be held and truly witnessed.  

Refresh your energy levels, release what no longer serves and gain clarity around your next steps. 

A multidimensional healing session which goes well beyond the physical, supporting your energy body and rippling out through time and space. 

Experience an energetic clearing, Quantum Source Light Energy Healing and an intuitive reading. 

This package includes an initial 5 minute intention setting check in chat on Zoom as well as a follow up Zoom meeting.   We connect via video call where I share your intuitive reading report and any insights received during your session.  

How to Prepare

Your healing session will take place remotely and is dedicated time especially for you.

Please ensure you will be somewhere quiet, alone and undisturbed for the duration of our time together. Ideally set a timer for the healing component of our session so you can fully relax (or nap) for the session time.

Ensure you are well hydrated before our session, as this will support your body to conduct, and benefit from, the healing frequencies. Low or no lighting is ideal to support your nervous system in letting go and relaxing. Using an eye pillow or covering your eyes with a light scarf is highly recommended.

You might like to set up a 'sacred space' for yourself before lying down to receive your healing. Suggestions include, adding fresh flowers to the space, lighting a candle or incense, spirtzing your body or space with an aromatic mist (Sacred Stardust Dream Mist or Sacred Space Meditation Mist would both be lovely support tools). Or anoint your heart space and pulse points with an intentional Alyssum Alchemy perfume oil such as Earth Song or Aligned would also be supportive.

You could also vapourise essential oils in your space and play relaxing music or listen to a guided meditation during the healing.

Many of my clients have ended up snoozing for much of the session time which is very aligned as it means you are fully surrendered to the process and receptive to the healing.

Please conclude your healing session with another hydrating drink. Warm herbal tea or purified water are good options. If possible, aim to keep the remainder of your day and evening as stress free as you can so you can gently integrate the process.

Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions in the drop down menu before making a booking.

Please read over testimonials from existing clients if you'd like to read some first hand feedback from someone who has experienced a session with me.

What to Expect

Quantum Source Light Energy Healing forms the foundation of each of my packages and is a revolutionary healing modality taught directly from high frequency light beings to my mentor and teacher Lxchelle who has shared these powerful processes exclusively with her students.   

This is multidimensional healing which goes well beyond your physical body, it supports your energy body and can also be directed through time and space into your past and toward your future self.  In conjunction with your own personal high frequency support team of guides, I also work with the Quantum Reality and Source (or God, the Universe, the Creator, whatever language works for you). 

During the energy work session I tune into your energy field and have thus far received specific guidance and messages for each client (always with the set intention of the guidance being in each client's highest good).   

This package is held inside a 95 minute Zoom meeting container.  We will meet for a 5 minute chat immediately before our energy session via Zoom to connect, answer any quick questions and set an intention for the session. 

Then your energy session will take place remotely for close to an hour.  We then meet up via Zoom immediately after the energy session for about 40 minutes where I share your intuitive reading report and any insights based on our session.   

We keep the zoom meeting open during the healing session so we can easily re-connect without having to get too technical or think too much post energy work, hence the two hour time slot.  

However, please ensure your laptop or device is not near you during the healing session. Ideally it should be in a different room.

At the end of the distance healing session we jump back onto Zoom to debrief. In that time I share with you any messages or impressions received during the session, as well as giving you an opportunity to share your own insights and ask any questions.

Please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions in the drop down menu before making a booking.

Please read over testimonials from existing clients if you'd like to read some first hand feedback from someone who has experienced a session with me.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the below carefully before scheduling your time.

It will be assumed you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions when you book your appointment.

Due to limited appointment availability, payments for sessions are non refundable if you do not show up to our prearranged meeting online.

I am excited to hold space for you and will have carved out this dedicated time especially for you.

I also prepare myself energetically with meditation and personal practises for some time before a schedulled meeting with a client to ensure I can be a fully present space holder.

Thank you for committing to this time, and honouring our appointment window.

Cancellations or reschedules are permitted up to 48 hours before our appointment.

Cancellations after this time will attract the full booking fee, as this time was reserved solely for you.

By booking an energy session with Alison Gallagher you acknowledge the information provided during our session is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any known medical conditions.

You acknowledge that energy work can sometimes bring up past and present emotions, tensions and trauma and by booking this session you take responsibility to pursue additional, qualified support from a professional healthcare provider if needed.

You are an active participant in this healing session and take full responsibility for your own wellbeing.

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