A Safe Place to Land - Seeking Safety in an Unpredictable World

A Safe Place to Land - Seeking Safety in an Unpredictable World

Winter is officially here with its crisp cold mornings and misty evenings.  I can feel my muscles contract in the cold, and with it, the parts of myself longing to curl up and rest. 

But rest isn't such an easy thing to commit to, is it?  Unless it's 'bedtime', do we really let ourselves rest?  Deeply and restoratively?  Without guilt? 

I had a distance energy healing client this week who had outlined some really beautiful goals for herself.  Very specific things she was working toward.  She was looking for support with calling these in and had booked a healing with me.  What she took away after our two hours together, (as well as a beautiful energetic reset and a squeaky clean energy field), was the invitation to actually do less in order to bring forward her desires. 

It might seem counterintuitive to do less to get more.  But a frequency of 'pushing' and 'striving' is not supportive for attraction.  Rather, a propensity for presence, an attitude of gratitude and the sense of safety is much more supportive of calling in our desires. 

If we feel unsafe, we cannot be fully present or grounded.  If we aren't fully present or grounded we cannot embody that which we desire nor can we attract it.  The key takeaway for my client was a call to cultivate feelings of safety and grounded awareness.  As this would support her to unwind her nervous system and soften into surrender.  This in turn would help to shift her frequency to that of attraction and abundance.  

The season of Winter calls for deeper introspection and less interaction with the outside world.  Winter beckons us to bunker down and simplify.  To preserve our energy, amp up our rest practices and seek out a safe place to land. 

What does it take for you to feel safe enough to gift yourself rest? 

What's your safe place? 

The warm embrace by a family member or loved one? 
A delicious and nourishing home cooked meal?
A steamy salt bath without interruption? 
Sitting under a cozy throw on the couch? 
A gentle, restorative yoga sequence?
Slipping into bed with freshly washed sheets still smelling of air which caressed it dry? 

For me, especially at this time of year, I frequently reach for and find comfort in freshly warmed heat pack which I mist with Sacred Stardust Dream Mist and drape over my shoulders (an old injury which gets more achy in the cold).  Something about the heat, the weight and the anchoring aromatherapy all supports me to feel calm and grounded, and yes, safe.  

For some, reaching out and asking for support cultivates a sense of safety.  Calling in someone to witness you and hold space for you while you explore what it is you need.   Perhaps safety is someone to simply listen and see you fully. 

Identifying and then seeking ways to have your needs met, in order to soften and feel safe, is such a supportive and necessary self care practise.  

We are continually bombarded with reasons to NOT feel safe in this modern and often chaotic reality.  Can you shut out the noise and threats for a while and find a safe place to land within your own world?  Because it's there, in a cocoon of softness, when you give yourself permission to pause and surrender to stillness that you'll find comfort and connection to self and spirit.   It's impossible to thrive or soak up joy when tightly coiled in a pattern of fight and flight.  Gentle caresses of self care, nurturing nourishment for your nervous system and deep and delicious rest is the balm to the unwinding of this all too common affliction.  

Return to your breath and yourself.  To the connectedness of All and Everything and you'll be reunited with the well of safety inherent in, and available to, all of us.  This is yours to drink from in times of need.  A nourishing nectar indeed.  
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