Interview with Belinda Yates:  Motherhood, Selfcare and the importance of Ritual

Interview with Belinda Yates:  Motherhood, Selfcare and the importance of Ritual

New Moon Sacred Soul Sessions  

I have the honour of connecting and working with some incredible souls through the work that I do.  I have wanted to share their stories with you for some time, and now the time feels right.  My intention is to bring you an interview with someone new and inspiring every month on or close to each month’s New Moon.  I’m being called to share this space with people who have made an impact on me with their integrity, passion and soul-led purpose and I hope their stories will inspire you too...


Meet Belinda Yates: 

Belinda Yates is a Holistic Facialist & Health and Wellness Coach who has been working within the skincare and beauty industry for many years.  Belinda is passionate about integrating whole body wellness with skin health and self care.  Belinda not only nurtures her clients with incredible facials which utilise natural and organic skincare, she also guides them toward achieving their own health and wellness goals to ensure a healthy glow inside and out.   She also has a special Mother’s Day treatment offer for Sydney siders, so read on to find out more: 

Belinda Yates from Holistic Skin uses Alyssum Alchemy products in her treatment rituals

Why do you think people are feeling the need to simplify and ritualise their daily routines? 

I think people of today are so busy and time poor, exhausted trying to get through their day, suffering stress and overwhelm. Caught up in the doing rather then the being…People are feeling the need to slow down and simplify in the hope of bringing more conscious presence, stillness and balance into their life. 

How has the industry changed since you first began this journey? 

I studied beauty therapy and aromatherapy back in 1994, and when I first began it was very much about traditional beauty treatments, facials, waxing, manicures and makeup. In the mid 90’s the modern Spa era emerged which introduced wellness for the beauty industry, where treatments became part of an ‘experience’ for clients, caring for the body, mind and spirit. 

Today we are seeing more therapists taking a holistic approach, as we continue to learn and understand that beauty is more than skin deep and that treating the whole person is key, ultimately its all connected. We are also more aware of our health, nutrition and what we put on the skin, so the use of natural and organic skincare and skin health education is on the rise. 

What makes your treatments unique? 

I help clients to nourish their bodies and nurture their souls, inspiring them to truly honour and look after themselves from the inside out.  My healing haven is a nurturing space, where clients are able to completely let go, connect with themselves and deeply relax. I offer beautiful relaxing facial rituals using the most divine natural organic skincare (including brands such as Alyssum Alchemy), incorporating essential oils, crystal infused mists, sage, and long massage with beautiful music, singing bowls and a whole lot of love to soothe and nourish the senses. 

I take a holistic approach where I asses and treat the whole person, not only do I look at the skin but I take into consideration the clients lifestyle, food, how they move, sleep, rest and relax. I gently guide them in their health and wellness goals helping to bring more joy and balance into their life, so that they can live the healthiest happiest life possible.. with glowing radiant skin…

Holistic Skin treatments include Rose Radiance Facial Nectar and rose quartz massage rollers

Why all natural and organic? 

As the skin is the largest organ of the body, and highly absorbent, I believe it is essential to use safe natural, toxin-free and organic products that are naturally beautiful & effective without compromising your health. 

I've always had a passion for natural beauty, nutrition and health, my first ever skincare I worked with (20+ yrs ago)  was a natural based aromatherapy range.  Then I worked in traditional beauty salons, spas and in training for skincare companies but my love for natural beauty was reignited 10 years ago in preparation for having a baby, then again after going through an illness. With increased awareness of my health, and a deeper understanding of natural beauty, I learnt how to really listen to my body and look after it. This lead me to further my studies in holistic health and integrative nutrition.

I’m super passionate about all things natural and organic and excited to help others make conscious healthy choices and live a happy low-tox life.

What is your favourite self care ritual (in your own personal life)?  

I have many self-care rituals that I incorporate into my life, morning rituals (gratitude journaling, herbal tea, movement) to set up my day, daily rituals to support, and night time rituals such as spritzing my pillow to help me to sleep.. all the things I teach my clients, and constantly weave into my personal life.  

This can be challenging at times while caring for a young family and the demands of  a busy life, so for me its something I work on daily to maintain balance and look after my own health. 

Looking after your self and learning to listen to your body, giving it what it needs is so vitally important not just for beauty but for your health, vitality and your precious life..

I believe when you honour your own needs, you are able to honour others…

Tell us a little about working while balancing motherhood: 

This is a new challenge for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to be home with my little ones up until school, so I’m still working it out. But I find creating good daily and weekly rhythms, being organized, not taking on too much, flexibility and lots of selfcare and humour help. 

What has been the greatest lesson you've learned since becoming a mum: 

Gosh, there’s so many.. 

Children are great reflections of us and I think they teach us lessons. 

Being in the present moment, patience and unconditional love like you’ve never felt before. 

What is your favourite Alyssum Alchemy product and why? 

I love them all but one of my favourites are the Rose Radiance facial nectar, my skin loves it, and it smells and feels absolutely divine. I also love the Dream mist, it instantly calms the nervous system, settles the mind and clients love taking home a bit of magic from the the treatment room.

Belinda Yates incorporating Alyssum Alchemy products into her holistic skin treatment rituals

Belinda is offering a really special treatment experience for mums based in and around Sydney this mother’s day at her clinic in the Northern Beaches, Sydney.  



A nurturing facial ritual centred around love and self care … for mum on Mother’s Day..

This beautiful facial ritual helps you to connect within, relax your mind, bring in love and calm your senses. Using crystal infused skincare with gorgeous scents of rose, heart shaped crystal Gua Shas and rose quartz crystals rollers… (a stone for unconditional love and opening the heart)… this ritual Includes sacred clearing with sage, crystal infused mists, a grounding foot ritual, and a long harmonious face, shoulder, head and arm massage to promote love, relaxation and stillness.

Enjoy a herbal tea and healthy handmade treat made with love,  and a take home gift… a mini vial of Alyssum Alchemy facial nectar and your very own rose quartz facial Guasha for your own self care ritual at home . 

To book or find out more contact Belinda via her website.  

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