Sacred Soul Sessions:  Interview with 'Love Is Your Compass'

Sacred Soul Sessions: Interview with 'Love Is Your Compass'

Connecting with soul-lead businesses and heart centred creatives has been one of the highlights of running a small online business.  It has opened up wonderful opportunity to cross paths with (even if only online or via Instagram) some very inspiring people who practise what they preach and who genuinely care about making a difference in the world.  Sisters LJ and Anna create truly gorgeous intentional talisman tools celebrating the crystal kingdom, intuition, Reiki and ritual and I'm so excited to introduce them to you.  


Tell us a bit about Love is your Compass.  When did you start your business and why? 

We are Anna + LJ, sisters and best friends. Love is Your Compass comes from an affirmation that LJ channelled back in 2011, “The World is Small when Love is Your Compass”, this was at a time when we were living on the other side of the world from one another, Anna in the UK and LJ in Australia. The affirmation is about how when you are connected to your heart space and tune in to it, you can move mountains and distance is no obstacle. Whilst we were apart we trusted that "the world is small when love is your compass" and that love knows no distance/time. 

In 2013 Anna moved to Melbourne and we were finally in the same physical place to begin our soul work together, it seemed fitting to call ourselves “Love is Your Compass” to honour that original affirmation.

Being together really sparks our soul growth, it’s a huge blessing and incredibly rewarding because we hold up mirrors to one another. We’re both passionate about living a life that resonates fully with our soul purposes, so we embrace the inner work. It’s because of this that we started creating soul medicine tools to support ourselves.

We started Love is Your Compass in 2016 to share the tools we had created to support ourselves with others. We created a simple recipe to remind us how to stay connected to our true selves, whilst still living in the real world, we call this "Heart Centred Living" which became our fundamental philosophy.

All the sacred tools we create are intended to support you through this process to shift your inner world. They are physical tools to support your inward journey.

Anna from Love is Your Compass

I know you've both studied Reiki, could you share what it is about the Japanese form of energetic healing that really resonates with you? 

Our mother is Japanese, so we have grown up with a rich cultural background grounded in practices such as mindfulness, Zen and intentional rituals. 

Reiki really resonates for us because it embodies this paradigm of universal oneness, connection with all that is and pure life force energy. Reiki is about embodying the true essence of who you are which is pure love and so you *ARE* reiki wherever you go in the world. It’s such a powerful transformational journey and has really supported us both to cultivate self-love, compassion, presence and forgiveness, which are all the things we human beings need to practice more of, to help free ourselves from the negative and damaging thoughts that don’t really serve us for our highest good.

 The transformative talismans of Love is Your Compass

What does heart centred living mean to you?  

For us, Heart Centred Living is about bringing the focus back to what is truly important and that is your inner world, because your inner world creates your individual reality.

We believe that we ALL have innate wisdom which means that everything we need to fulfil our own unique soul purposes resides within us.

Practically speaking here’s how we support ourselves to live in a Heart Centred way and connect inwards:

  • Create Space: Actively create space for ourselves to tune in, access and allow ourselves to be guided by our innate wisdom. The very act of creating a space for ourselves is a commitment to tune in regularly. We both have simple altar spaces in our homes which are just for us. 
  • Self-love: Nurturing (meditation, self-healing reiki) and having compassion for ourselves, cultivating self-love and forgiveness. A good technique is to imagine that you are your own best friend and ask yourself: “What would I do for my best friend if she were in this situation? Would I berate her, judge her or would I give her unconditional love and support?” Also, regularly reminding ourselves that we are perfectly imperfect. In Japanese culture there is a concept called “Wabi Sabi” which literally means “acceptance of transience and imperfection”. 
  • Disengage from Fear: This can seem hard when we live in a climate so permeated by fear, but one simple step is to switch off the TV, Radio, Internet News to unplug from the constant flow of negative news stories. This is not to say that we should be ignorant of world events, but a reminder to be mindful not to allow fear to permeate us and rule our perceptions and actions. A useful technique, particularly when we find ourselves in difficult situations is to ask: “Is what we are feeling coming from a foundation of fear or love?
  • Trust: Cultivating trust in our inner wisdom when we receive it and most importantly acting upon it. This can feel hard at times, particularly when the road ahead doesn’t seem clear and the need to control everything and to know the how and the why feels so strong. It is at these times that we practice daily mantras for letting go and trusting: “I trust that my divine inner compass is always steering me towards my highest good.


Why do you think people are feeling the need to simplify and ritualise their lives? 

We believe that everybody wants to live a life that aligns with who they truly are and what they truly want. Unfortunately, we currently live in a society where the wisdom of the mind, logic and rational thinking is prized over love, empathy, compassion and emotional feeling. Yet, these things are fundamental to being a healthy, connected and truly fulfilled human being. 

In neglecting these valuable aspects of our nature, many of us have forgotten how to connect with ourselves. Despite this, we all do our best to try and thrive in this environment, but it can leave many of us feeling like something is fundamentally missing or that we are off track. As a result, we try to grab little pockets of happiness where we can, often by looking outside of ourselves, but for more and more people this isn’t having the desired effect.

Consequently, we feel that people are awakening to the importance of connecting inwards. People are embracing ritual to bring themselves back to presence, so that their consciousness isn’t constantly thinking about the past or projecting into the future but is present in the moment. Through ritual, we can tune-in and acknowledge the truth of ourselves, our desires and fears and get a true energetic snapshot. 

This pervading sense that many people have that we need to go back to basics and simplify our lives, also stems from a rising desire to lessen the external distractions of life to support this journey inwards to connect with self + higher self where the true magic lies. 

LJ from Love is Your Compass

What does the word 'sacred' mean to you? 

To us the word “Sacred” means “intentional” and “mindful”. It’s something that you do for yourself or others with 100% presence in the moment, bringing all of your consciousness and love to the practice. This is why even the simple act of skincare can be a sacred practice. 

We find that rituals that create sacred moments in everyday life, support us to stay in our heart space.

We feel like this culture of ritual is in our DNA, particularly from our Japanese heritage where there are many beautiful rituals around the seasons, the way of tea “Sado” 茶道, the way of calligraphy “Shodo” 書道 etc. The common theme of all of these Japanese rituals is “Dou” - , which is the Japanese word for “path/road/ the way of“. This deliberate emphasis on the journey, the feeling of complete presence in the moment through mindfulness, supports us to remain aware of the sacred and miraculous nature of life. This is so important because it can often get lost in the busyness of modern day life and it is very easy to get caught up in the act of “Do-ing” rather than “Be-ing”.

 The Creation Diamond by Love Is Your Compass

What are some of your own favourite sacred daily rituals?  

The Creation Diamond® ritual: We both start our day with our newest sacred tool called The Creation Diamond® (pictured above). We use this daily to consciously set an intention as to what energy we want to bring to our day and then intuitively select a crystal to support that intention. We then safely carry that crystal with us in a sacred vessel that symbolises our Diamond Light Body and honours us as Creator beings.

Skincare ritual: I (LJ) both morning and evening have made my skincare routine into a ritual of self-love and nurturing. After cleansing my skin, I use my Alyssum Alchemy Rose Radiance Face Mist and Rose Radiance Nectar with my Rose Quartz roller to mindfully nourish and love the skin I am in. I imagine the love soaking into my skin and this is part of a big healing journey for me of loving my body.   

Shower ritual: I (Anna) use my morning shower as a ritual where I write a word or intention on the steamed-up shower glass. I focus all my consciousness and presence on that intention/word whilst I stand under the warm water to tune-in and hold that vibration within every cell of my body. It’s a simple ritual but something I find very powerful.


What is your favourite Alyssum Alchemy product and why?  

To be honest, we love them all! We absolutely love the Divine Dew Drops Radiance Oil because it feels like the ULTIMATE self-love, unconditional love alchemy. It smells divine with its infusions of vanilla and calendula and is SO healing for all skin types. We love that it is enhanced with carefully selected gem and flower essences which support the heart chakra beautifully.


You can explore the truly exquisite range of sacred crystal tools from Love is Your Compass via their website:




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