Sacred Soul Sessions - Fabienne Costa from YCL Jewels

Sacred Soul Sessions - Fabienne Costa from YCL Jewels

Fabienne of YCL Jewels

Gold Coast based intentional jewellery line YCL made its debut on the jewellery scene five years ago, and is now a globally recognised award-winning jewellery brand producing delicate, ethically made pieces which celebrate femininity and minimalism.  Fabienne is a self taught artisanal jeweller and designer and last year was named one of Business News Australia’s top Entrepreneurs on the Gold Coast under 40.

How long have you been designing jewellery? 
I have been designing and making jewellery as a hobby since I was 13 years old. I took a one hour beading class, and was hooked! 
How long have you been running your own business?   
YCL Jewels has been operating for just over 5 years now. 
What methods and materials do you like to work with? 
We work with 14k gold fill, sterling silver, platinum and solid gold. We work with a global team that bring our pieces to life. 
YCL ethical jewellery line
What inspires you? 
Travelling influences my designs quite dramatically, as I find myself constantly inspired by the landscapes, architecture, culture and colour of each country I visit. At the moment, my big inspiration is art, and the stories of the artists themselves. 
Tell us a bit about your creative process.
It’s ever-growing and evolving. Everyday I try to witness the beauty and art in every moment. I actively immerse myself in creative expression, free of expectation, and spend time in creative spaces where I feel inspired. My home and our YCL studio is a constant muse for me, and in both spaces I feel very creative. 

What makes your pieces and brand unique? 
YCL creates jewellery that is intentionally and consciously made. Our pieces are designed to be worn with intent, and we our core focus is creating quality, timeless styles that will be with you for a lifetime. I focus on the intention and vision behind why I do what I do by ensuring that everyday I make decisions that are heart-led. 
What steps have you had to take to ensure an entirely cruelty-free jewellery line?   
This comes into effect when I design, and when we source packaging and materials. We simply do not include any animal bi-prodicts within our designs or packaging.                                                                      


Why do you think more and more people are feeling called to support ethical, transparent and conscious brands?

I believe people are called more towards this as we are becoming more mindful of the impact we are having on this earth and are concerned about our future and our children’s future. It is such an important time for our planet and it to us it is vital that we are open and honest with our customers on our journey towards becoming even more sustainable.  We love seeing this wave of consciousness grow not only within our YCL Community, but within society.

How do YCL pieces bring ritual or self care into people’s lives?  
Our pieces are created with love and intention. We believe the gift of jewellery to yourself or to a loved one is more than a material item, it is incredibly special and intimate. Putting jewellery on in the morning or any part of the day is a moment to be treasured and we design our pieces with our women in mind. For them to feel beautiful, feminine and embrace all they are. 

Why do you think self care is so important?  
To me, self care is incredibly important, especially when running a business. It affects my whole day if I do not take the time in the morning to have moments to myself and just to “be”.  In such a technology dominated world (which has it’s benefits of course) and with being constantly “on”, we all need to take the time to re-connect in with ourselves to perform at our optimum. 
Why do you think people are feeling the need to simplify their lives? 
I feel as a society we are feeling the detriment of a fast-paced, ‘yang’ society. The health of our mental state is at an all time low, and I see that as a direct correlation to the expectations we place on ourselves. Less time doing & more time being, this is a discipline that we can cultivate within our own lives. 
What does the word 'sacred' mean to you? 
A safe space. 


What is your favourite Alyssum Alchemy product and why?  
I love the Rose Radiance face mist, as it is actually the most beautiful product I have ever smelt & leaves my skin glowing. 
What’s next for YCL? 
We have many exciting things in the works, and something we are very excited about is our YCL Imprint & Meet Our Makers campaign that is about to launch on our website. This showcases YCL’s current steps being taken to become even more sustainable as a brand. 
You can explore the full range of exquisite handcrafted pieces from Fabienne's collection via the YCL Jewels website.  
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