Sacred Souls Sessions - Meet Life Coach Ruby Marsh

Sacred Souls Sessions - Meet Life Coach Ruby Marsh

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Newcastle based Ruby Marsh is a woman who knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to ask for it.  She's one of those highly motivated, 'make it happen' people, a handy soul to have in one's orbit, as being around one so driven and enthusiastic will inspire and get the 'creativity cogs' turning.  In fact she has made it her mission to help others pursue their dreams with her coaching services.  And I'm super excited to share Ruby's story with you today and to be co-hosting a workshop with her in a couple of weeks!

What prompted you to pursue as career as a Life Coach?  

Firstly, a deep level of self-awareness is critical as a coach. Knowing that you can overcome your own mind at any stage in your life is part of the practice. Unfortunately, I only saw this through the pain of a weak immune system and anxiety I had been experiencing in my late 20s. My mind and body were not equipped with the tools or awareness to deal with stress. 

Part of my response was a radical exit from full-time Architecture at 30. I began working on the retail floor of a lululemon store and threw myself into every opportunity to cultivate this self-awareness, train, coach and eventually lead a team. Practising on my own as a coach was the next evolution but that didn’t come till my mid-30’s. 

What was it about the industry that first attracted you? 

I’d long admired a few other coaches in the industry - especially those that had a very distinct voice. Eventually, I got out of my own way and thought “who could I serve and what is the change they seek?”

How has the industry changed since you first began this journey? 

The coaching industry (like the wellness industry as a whole) have boomed in recent years. Finding your sweet spot is critical, as is taking a long-game approach. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the noise, which is often why we don’t start or we burn out too quickly.  

A couple of years before starting coaching, I served my audience through a blog with my best friend called “A Conscious Beauty”. This was a great platform to test ideas, collaborate and build relationships without any risk. This “ship it” mentality allowed me to let go of a lot of a lot of fear and work out who I wanted to serve. You can always start somewhere. 

How have you changed since you first began this journey?  

The beginning of this journey, was the first time since leaving high school that I’d made a career choice out of intuition. Sometimes, intuition isn’t logical, it’s a quiet nudge from the universe to follow something that feelsright rather than looksright.

Once I’d decided it was my next career, I threw myself in it, adopting the “start before you’re ready” model - thanks to Marie Forleo’s B School training. The challenges only get bigger as you nudge the edges of your comfort zone. I’m now collaborating with my husband, so between the two of us, there’s opportunity to scale which is fun and requires you to look at things differently. 

life coach Ruby Marsh

What makes your services unique? 

I’m able to relate to the corporate woman who wants to lead and the budding yoga teacher wanting to start her studio - because I’ve been her. But in my eyes any impact we seek to make, all begins with self-leadership: mental clarity and self awareness. With this as my foundation, my approach is about steady action, and if need be I’ll call you out when fear is leading you off track - but only because I love you.  

What is your favourite self care ritual (in your own personal life)? 

I’d have to say right now, an ocean swim is the best thing to break up your workday. I also love blending essential oils and baths in winter are my meditation.

What does the word 'sacred' mean to you? 

Sacred is holding something close to your heart. It will be different for every person. Something is sacred when you are unwavering in your boundaries around this practice or thing.

Why do you think self care is so important?  

Self care is important because it allows us to cultivate energy. In this age it is more often going out than in. It’s a practice that takes practice, but what I’ve observed in myself and those women I work with, when self care is a priority we deepen trust in ourselves and we’re less resentful or reactive. 

Why do you think people are feeling the need to simplify and ritualise their daily routines? 

In a world where we’ve got more inputs, opportunities to be distracted and overwhelmed than ever, we’re craving simplicity. We crave intimacy with ourselves, we want to be loved and nourished.  

What is your favourite Alyssum Alchemy product and why? 

The first time I sprayed the Sacred Space Meditation Mist I was in love. It is the perfect scent to ground and focus, bring the senses into your stillness practice without overpowering the fact you’re there to simply breathe. 

What’s do you think 2019 holds for you and your offerings? 

As I alluded to above, this year I’m merging my one to one work with my husband through our Access Potential Academy. It’s a unique peer-to-peer group and 1:1 program that focuses on those who want to become a stronger leader. It feels like the next evolution for my work so I’m totally pumped! My word for this year is community, and now living in a new city I have a whole new opportunity to expand. I’ve got some truly wonderful collaborations coming, including our Living in Harmony Workshop!

How can we stay in touch and how can we find out more? 

The best way to get any personal insights, tips or stories of other women up to big things is by jumping on my email list at 

I do love Instagram too! @rubykmarsh

My coaching is best experienced through a deep dive call which you can organise via email:



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