All Alyssum Alchemy products have been infused with the healing power of carefully selected Australian crystals.  

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Working with cosmic and seasonal cycles, ingredients in each product have been used to create crystal infusions (also know as elixirs) which hold the energetic vibrations of carefully chosen crystals. 

All crystals used have been sourced from Australian, direct from fossickers who have hand dug the crystals out of the earth themselves.  I believe the Australian land and its rocks have much to teach us, being home to the oldest living culture in the world.  It was imperative to me that these stones be sourced with love and respect, ethically and sustainably.  

Each product also includes specific gem and crystal essences (also known as vibrational remedies) to further draw on the healing qualities of crystals.  For more on essences please visit the essences page.  


The following crystals have been used to enhance the Alyssum Alchemy range


Australian Rose Quartz - Harts Ranges, Northern Territory

A stone for unconditional love and peace, pale pink coloured Rose Quartz is excellent for balancing the heart chakra, opening the heart and encourages compassion and love for self and others.  

A Rose Quartz Infusion features in Rose Radiance Facial Nectar, Divine Dew Drops Radiance Oil and Rose Radiance Face Mist. 


Australian Amethyst - Northern New South Wales

A vibrant purple colour Amethyst is a very spiritual stone excellent for stress and helping to calm the nervous system.  It emits a very peaceful vibration, easing tension, balancing emotions and easing headaches.  It helps to transmute negative energy and cleanses the aura. 

An Amethyst Infusion features in Sacred Stardust Dream Mist 


Australian natural Smoky Quartz (not heat-treated) - Torrington, New South Wales

Smoky quartz, named after its smoky grey colour is excellent for grounding and anchoring while at the same time assisting with raising vibrations during meditation.  The stone also helps to transmute negative energy and stress and assists with detoxification on all levels.  Smoky quartz can also help to clear mental clutter for for effective meditation.  

A Smoky Quartz Infusion features in the Sacred Space Meditation Mist 


Australian natural Citrine (not heat-treated) - Torrington, New South Wales

Citrine that has not been heat-treated is hard to find, but in its natural state is a precious crystal to support cleansing of negativity and regeneration.  It aligns with the energy of the sun, stimulating the solar plexus and encouraging warmth, joy and creativity.  Citrine helps to energise the whole of the being, cleansing chakras, opening the crown and igniting our intuition.  Known as a stone of abundance this crystals helps us to come into alignment with our soul's yearnings helping us to manifest abundance into our lives and bring our dreams into reality.

A Citrine Infusion features in the Sacred Sunlight Body Mist 


Australian Clear Quartz - Cairns, Queensland and Horsnell Gully, Sth Australia 

A powerful energy amplifier, Clear quartz is effective at absorbing, releasing and unblocking energy and raising vibrations on all levels.  Clear Quartz helps to attune you to your soul's purpose, helps to align the subtle body and harmonize the chakras.  Clear quartz also assists with concentration and memory.

A Clear Quartz Infusion features in the Clarity Remedy Oil.  


Australian Aquamarine - Harts Ranges, Northern Territory

Referred to as the stone of courage, Aquamarine is a beautiful green-blue colour and emits a calming energy.  It helps to reduce stress, clear up confusion and quietens the mind.  It helps to align the chakras, enhance intuition and promotes self expression. 

An Aquamarine Infusion features in Siren Song Salt Soak 


Crystals are a testament to the true wealth and beauty of this planet, (above and below its surface), and serve as a reminder to respect and connect with Mother Earth as often as we can, for she has so much to offer us, if we only allow ourselves to receive.  

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