"Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to most of us"

- Dr Edward Bach

Crystal and Flower Mandalas

Dr Edward Bach was a medical doctor in the early 1900s who developed vaccines and worked with homeopathy.  Searching for remedies which focused on patients' wellbeing rather than focusing on disease and illness Bach abandoned the medical profession and became the original pioneer to discover the power of flower essences.  He created a range of flower remedies after his research and personal insights found energetic vibrations of certain plants (suspended in water and preserved with brandy) assisted with balancing certain emotional and mental states. His work with essences was groundbreaking and paved the way for a new modality of healing. 

"Vibrational Essences act as a communication of unity, given by flowers, rocks or other elements of our world in support of our emerging consciousness.  Just as a tuning fork is used to resonate the strings of a guitar these resonances of being are given to remind us of balance and oneness or to uplift us into new awareness of ourselves..."

- Wendy Forbes, Humanifest 

Vibrational Remedies or Essences are made through communion with a mineral (crystals and gems) or flower through a process of deep meditation and respect.  The gem or flower is immersed in spring water and left to infuse in sunlight.  The resulting water holds the energetic imprint or consciousness of the flowers or gem and is later preserved with a small amount of brandy and bottled.  Essences are very different to Essential Oils which are the physical volatile oils extracted from plants.

Essences carry the vibrational imprint of the flower or mineral and can help communicate new ways of being and perceiving.  They interact with our subtle energy systems (such as our chakras and meridians), encourage the awakening of our divine self and assist with letting go of fears and limiting perceptions.  Essences communicate directly to our entire being, gently inviting healing and transformation into our lives. Each flower or gem has a different frequency and will communicate a specific state of consciousness via resonance.   

"The action of flower essences can be compared to the effects we experience from hearing a particularly moving piece of music, or seeing an inspirational work of art.  The light or sound waves which indirectly affect our breathing, pulse rate, and other physical states.  These patterns do not impact us by direct physical or chemical intervention with our bodies. Rather it is the contour and arrangement of the light or sound which awakens an experience within our own soul...This is the phenomenon of 'resonance'...In a similar way, the specific structure and shape of the life forces conveyed by each flower essence resonate with, and awakens, particular qualities within the human soul."

 - Exceprt from Katz Kaminski, Flower Essence Repertory  

I believe there is much to learn from the plant and mineral kingdom, and essences are a wonderful way to connect with them and draw on their wisdom.  As a qualified essence practitioner I understand the subtle differences between difference essence companies and the importance of using essences made by healers who have only the purest of intentions behind their creations.  The Alyssum Alchemy range features essences from two incredible women.  I have studied with both of these healers and consider them my mentors.  I have used their essences extensively for myself for many years and feel very excited to be showcasing their amazing essences in my products.

Jacqui Bushell of Wild Earth Wisdom is an absolute whirlwind of vibrancy and passion for life.  A Reiki Master (and my personal Reiki teacher), herbalist, author and so much more, Jacqui's range of essences are truly transformative.  She has travelled to the Arctic and meditated under the midnight sun, ventured to Scotland to commune with ancient stones, as well followed well trodden paths through France along the mystical Magdalene heart line.  Jacqui's essences sing and dance and offer up wonderful gifts of connection, insight and perception.  

"To take an essence is to connect with the intelligence and creative potential of nature."

- Jacqui Bushell, Wild Earth Wisdom

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Wendy Forbes is the Director of Humanifest and an Energetic and Transformational Therapist.  She is an old soul with the cheekyness of a girl but the wisdom of a sage.  She has immense respect for the earth and its wonderful gifts and has used her healing gifts since she was a young child.  Wendy began making essences in 1987 and now has over 70 essences in her range.  She is deeply connected to the outback of Australia and the ancient Aboriginal culture having spent much of her childhood in remote country towns and is currently based in the Blue Mountains.  Wendy's range of essences impart a deep ancient knowledge, and invite shifts in consciousness and perception, awakening our own inner wisdom and connection to Source.   

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Essences used in the Alyssum Alchemy range: 

Rose Radiance:

The Rose Radiance Face Mist and Facial Nectar include Gem and flower and essences which support you as you open your heart and unfold into unconditional self-love, allowing your inner beauty to shine forth including flower essences of red rose, Chicago peace rose, briar rose, crabapple, pink flannel flower and white rhododendron and gem essences of crystal rose quartz, clear quartz, rhodochrosite and gold.

Clarity Remedy Oil:

This uplifting roll on remedy includes gem and flower ssences to support you in stepping into a place of vibrant vitality, motivation, inspiration and clarity as you take steps to make your goals a reality.  Includes flower essences of Bergamot, comfrey, red dahlia, platysace, iris, calendula, pink flannel flower and Chicago peace rose and gem essences of jet, black tourmaline, amber and clear quartz.

Sacred Space Meditation Mist: 

This purifying mist has been enhance with carefully selected Gem and Flower Essences supporting you in your spiritual journey, trusting in the unfoldment of your divine path and connecting with your own inner wisdom.  Includes flower essences of doryphora sassafras, helichrysum, platysace, yucca, Californian poppy, iris, camellia and angelsword and gem essences of gold, lapis, amethyst, pale blue star sapphire, rutilated smoky quartz and clear quartz.

Sacred Stardust Dream Mist:

Sink into a place of quiet rest and gently release any anxiety and stress with the nurturing blend of gem and flower essences in this calming mist.   Be cupped in love and support with flower essences of Chicago peace rose, Arctic cotton grass, dandelion, pink flannel flower, environmental essence of chalice well (made at the Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury) and gem essences of jet, aquamarine, sandstone and clear quartz. 

Siren Song Bath Salts:

These cleansing and invigorating bath salts have been Infused with carefully selected Gem and Flower Essences to encourage release and purification.  Surrender to the eb and flow of life while being suspended in a watery place of light and joy with essences of kelp, chalice well, Greenland ice cap, pink flannel flower, Chicago peace rose, calendula, light pearl, coral, aquamarine, sandstone, pebble, jet and clear quartz. 

As a qualified essence practitioner I am available to create custom essence blends for clients as part of a private consultation.  For enquiries about this service email me directly at

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