Quantum Source Light Energy Healing



Quantum Source Light Energy Healing (QSLEH)

QSLEH forms the foundation of each of my packages and is a revolutionary healing modality taught directly from high frequency light beings to my mentor and teacher Lxchelle who has shared these powerful processes exclusively with her students.   This technique has truly opened my mind and expanded my consciousness in ways I never thought possible.  It has also amplified my own intuitive gifts the more I master this powerful modality. 

This is multidimensional healing which goes well beyond your physical body, it supports your energy body and can also be directed through time and space into your past and toward your future self.  In conjunction with your own personal high frequency support team of guides, I also work with the Quantum Reality and Source (or God, the Universe, the Creator, whatever language works for you). 

Energetic hygiene and safety are paramount to me and as such, each session with me includes a comprehensive energy clearing as well as energy shielding during the session.  

Intuitive Reading  

Working with this modality has also opened up my own intuitive gifts quite expansively.  While I never expected the sessions to also become intuitive readings, they have organically evolved into a combination of a multidimensional energy healing and an intuitive reading.   During the energy work session I tune into your energy field and have thus far received specific guidance and messages for each client (always with the set intention of the guidance being in each client's highest good).   

At the end of the distance healing session (which is done remotely) we jump onto a Zoom call to debrief and in that time I share with you any messages or impressions received during the session, as well as giving you an opportunity to share your own insights and ask any questions.

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