“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  – Albert Einstein

succulent and crystal mandala

Reiki enhances life force vitality through heart centred compassion and connection with Source.  

Energy is all around us.  We sense it when we walk into a room, noting if it feels light and fresh or heavy and somber (in which case we will feel inclined to leave). We sense it when we meet people for the first time, making an assessment about them purely on the ‘energy’ we get from them, the way they hold themselves, what they talk about, the frequency of the energy they emit (do they have a positive energy, a negative energy, a ‘draining’ energy or an ‘uplifting and revitalizing’ energy?).   Nothing is ever still, every atom vibrates across the universe vibrates continually, and this constant movement produces energy.  Everything produces its own vibrations or energy.  

We also frequently feel the benefits when we purify and refresh our own energy systems.  The feeling of release when we swim in the ocean, have a long hot bath or take a long walk in nature; the sense of healing we feel when eating healthy pure food or get a massage; the experience of lightness and joy when we fall in love or are doing something which inspires us.  We can just as easily deplete our energy too, by sitting at a computer for too long, eating junk food, being in toxic relationships or not listening to our heart.

Each of these experiences is an example of how energy works in our lives.  The human brain and heart both operate thanks to electrical impulses, without these impulses or ‘energy’ the human body could not survive.

Disease, or dis-ease, is a result of the body (and its energy systems) being out of balance. Energetic Healing is an effective way to raise the vibrations of the human energy field and transfer energy to parts of your being, which are out of balance, restoring harmony and health.  It can help to remove imbalances and blockages, which if left unchecked are likely to manifest physically.  We can also use energetic healing to raise the vibrations of our food, homes, crystals, drinking water and anything we want to inject love and light into.  

Much of Energy Medicine is based on ancient Eastern principles inherent in Traditional Chinese Medicine (and its understanding of meridians – energy channels through the body and the system targeted by acupuncture), the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda (which honours a series of energy centres in the body known as chakras – often the focus of yoga and meditation) and the revered Japanese healing art of ‘Reiki’ which uses sacred symbols and a healing techniques developed by Japanese monk Tsui Mikao.  Reiki is the channelling of healing universal energy by laying on of the hands.  It is an electromagnetic energy flow and can help raise the vibrations of whomever or whatever it is directed towards. 

It should be noted that while the above methods and modalities can be taught, and one can study such principals and practises (as I have for many years), the ability to heal oneself and others is innate to every human on the planet.  

As a Reiki Master and qualified Energetic Healer and I draw on these healing modalities and with pure intention and a beautiful sacred ritual transfer this heart centred divine energy into each and every Alyssum Alchemy bottle.  My products are already vibrating with beautiful healing organic ingredients, vibrational remedies (essences) and crystal infusions.  By blessing the bottles with Reiki healing and conscious intention during powerful lunar phases I have created a truly unique, sacred and high vibrational range of transformative healing tools for you to enjoy every day.    

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