Aquarius Full Moon Insights and Ritual

Aquarius Full Moon Insights and Ritual

Full Moon in Aquarius Insights and Ritual

There is magic in the air, can't you feel it? 

While the last few weeks of Winter linger here in Australia, Spring energy is gradually unfurling and pushing its way upwards from the cold dark soil towards the light.  The air is beginning to warm, blossoms are brightening the streets, and (this week in Sydney anyway) the warm winter sunshine has been just divine, like liquid gold pouring from the heavens!  
Speaking of the heavens, tonight's Full Moon in Aquarius will reach its peak at7:28pm (August 18, AEST).   The themes for this moon are about staying true to yourself and releasing limiting thoughts or perceptions in order to move forward authentically.  In true Aquarian fashion this moon supports bringing dreams into reality, as well as plans and projects, idealism and artistic endeavours.  Aquarius also reminds us to find ways to give back.  Giving back to our communities, environment, family and friends as well as to ourselves.  When we give back without the need for anything in return we open ourselves up to receive, and attract abundance in infinite ways. 

Simple Full Moon Ritual

After some challenging retrograde months, this Full Moon signifies a new cycle.  An opportunity to let go of what is holding you back and prepare you for the vitality and invigorating energy of Spring.  To honour the full moon energies and your own creative spirit take some time out over the next 24 hours to give yourself some sacred self care.  Fill your home with fresh flowers or plants, allow your crystals to bathe in the light of the full moon so they can be cleansed and recharged.  Clear away stagnant energy from your home by purifying your space with sound, smoke or misting your space with aromatherapy oils such as Frankincense or Sandalwood (or try Sacred Space Meditation Mist).  Soak your bones in a warm purifying bath to recharge and restore. 
Take a few minutes to slow your breath and notice how you are feeling, emotionally, physically, energetically.
Ask yourself the following:
  1.  How will you step into your full potential this full moon?  Your only limits are the ones you place on yourself.   What fears or blocks need to be addressed in order to bring your dreams into reality? 
  2. How can you be supported as you work through these challenges? Journalling? Counselling? Body work?  Tarot?
  3. How can you treat yourself with more self care.  List 3 ways you can bring more healing rituals into your life?  Perhaps you could commit to starting a yoga or dance class, go for regular bush walks, sleep in on Sundays, buy yourself a mindfulness colouring book, book yourself a massage or invest in beautiful sacred self care products.  

Whatever you choose to do, make it a conscious acknowledgement of self love.  Creating daily sacred rituals is self affirming, empowering and enriching. Only through self care and self love can you be the best version of yourself.  

Sending you love and light on this luminous Full Moon

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