Dive Deep if you Dare - Embracing the Eclipse Energy Gateway for Transformation

Dive Deep if you Dare - Embracing the Eclipse Energy Gateway for Transformation

lunar eclipse blood moon july 2018

Most people I've spoken to over the past fortnight have felt frantic, chaotic, highly stressed and anxious, or they have been riding a high energy wave of momentum and motivation.  Eclipse season often brings up old wounds, scattered attention spans,  sparks of creativity and heightened emotions and tomorrow morning in Australia we'll witness the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century (totality lasting for 103 minutes!).  Add to this the fact that Mars will be the closest its been to the Earth since 2003 AND Mercury has just gone into retrograde!  What does it all mean?! Ultimately we have some intense cosmic alignments likely to result in a mixing pot of conflicting and triggering energies that may just stir things up for you and those around you.    

The eclipse will peak tomorrow morning at 6:20am (AEST), and its a very good reason to get up early and greet the new day and this rare cosmic event.  You may even spy Mars in the sky as its currently visible as a glowing red dot in some skies.  

Tomorrow's Full Moon will be in Aquarius, a sign which favours bringing dreams, projects and plans into reality.  Matched with the fiery warrior energy of Mars (which can help to clear away obstacles to progress, achievement and 
self-knowledge) and the Lunar Eclipse which presents the opportunity to work for changes in your inner life, such as emotional and personal issues ( as opposed to a solar eclipse which is the time to work for material circumstances) you have a mighty powerful gateway to invite huge transformational shifts into your life, if you're brave enough to take the plunge and dive deep.  

Simple Eclipse Ritual

Give your home a quick tidy and burn incense, vaporise essential oils or smudge your home using a purifying mist to cleanse your home of stagnant energy.  Gather some fresh flowers from your garden (or local neighbourhood nature strip) and collect some water from the ocean if you can.  Run a bath (or fill a laundry tub and make a foot bath) add a cup of sea salt and a cup two of ocean water (or just which ever of these you have on hand).   In a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil (or whatever oil you have on hand) add a drop each of Rose and Myrrh which are both highly potent oils for transformation, consecration, harmony and balance.  Disperse the oil through the water and as you sink into the bath imagine all your obstacles and resistance to change dissolving away and allow the salt water to purify and refresh you.   Visualise your goals manifesting as you soak your body and inhale the aroma.  After your bath you might like to jot down a few action points, perhaps draw some cards and journal for a while diving into what areas of your life you might need to nurture in order to take decisive action towards your goals and dreams.

Be mindful of the intense energies around, and be kind to yourself if you are finding the next few weeks particularly challenging.  Walks in nature, cups of tea, beautiful aromatherapy products, hot baths and massages, movie nights with your buddies, all of these can help to balance and calm, support and nurture you on your journey through this gateway of change and opportunity.  

Self care is of the utmost importance during these turbulent times, so make it a priority.  

All my love



p.s. If you are in need of extra support over this time, I am available for distance healings or can even make you a customised vibrational rememedy specific for your needs at this time.  Simply email me at alison@alyssumalchemy.com.au to get in touch.  

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