Courage of the Heart - Sagittarius Full Moon Insights and Ritual

Courage of the Heart - Sagittarius Full Moon Insights and Ritual

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will be a glowing orb in the sky on Friday night and a welcome sight as Winter descends on us in Australia.  Just a week into the new season, mornings are frosty and there's a definite chill in the air.  We are sinking into the season of rest and rejuvenation as we retreat from outward social butterfly inclinations and curl up into self care and sleep ins.

Always a timely reminder to connect back to self and the earth’s cycles, this full moon is strong and bold, exact at 11:09pm on Friday June 9  (Sydney time Australia).

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter who lends us courage of the heart allowing us to step into our highest potential with confidence.  Sagittarius normally encourages a broader scope of vision, but being conjunct with Saturn we are being asked to be more discerning with what rings true for us especially when navigating the heart's desires.  Jupiter helps us work on abundance and prosperity issues as well as expansion and generosity.  Meanwhile Saturn at the moment asks us to be careful not to let our emotions get in the way while finding our truth.  

Sagittarius is a firey sign and has an element of the forceful and dynamic as well as being fun-loving and optimistic.  Work under the sign of Sagittarius when hard work and determination is called for.  This sign can help to bring us fabulous clarity and insights, making amethyst a perfect crystal to work with during this time.

Full Moon Ritual

Take some time out to meditate or journal, and even go for a brisk walk in the cool night air to let go of your day and moon gaze.  Consider what areas in your life might need some 'courage of the heart', particularly around your life's purpose and heart's calling and spend time nurturing yourself, making a commitment to let go of limiting fears or self talk in order to step forward with boldness. 


  • 2 drops of Nutmeg or Clove (warming, stimulating, strength)
  • 2 drops of Bergamot (success, love, prosperity, anti-depressant)
  • 2 drops of Cedarwood (cleansing, grounding)

Add to a vaporiser or combine with a tablespoon of base oil and pour into a bath or footpath.

Also take some time to ponder on what things in your life have reached fruition and celebrate the completion of these allowing release and surrender as the moon gradually wanes again over the coming days.  Let them go with gratitude and the knowledge that when we let go of what no longer serves us we create space in our lives for new opportunities.  Don’t forget to pop your crystals out under the moon for a lovely cleanse and recharge!




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