Elevate your communication skills this Gemini Super Moon

Elevate your communication skills this Gemini Super Moon

full moon ritual for gemini super moon

Tomorrow morning (exact at 2:46am Sydney, Australia) is the one and only Super Moon for 2017, (a Full Moon positioned closer to the earth than usual), bringing with it a strong energy and influence we can tap into and draw on.  In Gemini, this moon will invite us to look at how we communicate.  Mercury will also be going into retrograde until a few days before Christmas which may make misunderstandings and miscommunications all the more likely. 

Clear communication is always important, but especially at this time of the year when we spend more time with family than usual as well as spending time socially with friends and colleagues.  Not everyone is a social butterfly, but being able to express ourselves with tact, honesty and authenticity will certainly help make the festive season more enjoyable.

In order to express ourselves authentically with others, we first need to ensure we are honest with how we communicate to ourselves.  

Simple Full Moon Ritual

Full Moons are the culmination of each lunar cycle and are an opportunity to take stock of the previous month and look at what worked, and what didn't.  As the moon wanes (reducing in size from full to dark) we can work to release and let go of situations/people/possessions that might be getting in our way.  

This Full Moon in Gemini invites you to look at the following: 

The language you use to speak to yourself:
Do you speak about (and to) yourself with respect and compassion? 

The things you tell yourself: 
Are you kind to yourself?  Do you allow yourself time to rest?  Do you acknowledge your successes?  Do you try to avoid negative self-talk? 

The promises you make to yourself:  
Do you make good on the promises your make to yourself?  How can you be more accountable with your goals, promises and intentions?  (hint:  writing them down or sharing them with a friend or someone close can help). 

With a new year approaching this is an excellent opportunity to release any negative language, self-talk or self-sabotage that might be going on (conscious or not) so you can go into 2018 feeling positive and knowing you have your own back.  

Try adding the following oils to a vaporiser, or add to a tablespoon of vegetable oil and pour into a bath or massage over your throat and solar plexus (abdomen).  These oils will help to foster positivity and open communication with yourself (they also are oils frequently associated with Christmas and have a delightful festive aroma).   

2 drops of Sweet Orange
1 drops of Clove
1 drops of Frankincense

The full moon also falls a couple of weeks before the Summer Solstice, another powerful opportunity to take stock and set intentions (December 22).   The longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice is a day to acknowledge the light in our lives and draw on opportunities for abundance and joy.  

On Friday at 7:30pm on the 22st of December in Maroubra, Sydney I'll be holding a Summer Solstice Meditation Event where we will collectively release what didn't work for us in 2017, giving thanks for what did and acknowledging the lessons learned.  Timed with a waxing moon while drawing on the potent Solstice energy, this evening will be such a nice way to let go of the old, and lay the foundation for an abundant and productive 2018.   All are welcome, places are limited and tickets will be available via The Collaborative, Maroubra.  Please email me on alison@alyssumalchemy.com to register your interest.  

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