Sagittarius New Moon - Invite Abundance with a Generous Heart

Sagittarius New Moon - Invite Abundance with a Generous Heart

open your heart with generosity

Exact at 11:19pm Sydney time, tonight's New Moon in Sagittarius lends us courage of the heart along with tools to expand our scope of vision helping us to step into our highest potential with confidence.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the planet for focusing on abundance, prosperity, expansion and generosity. 

Generosity and abundance go hand in hand, for if we aren't generous with ourselves (or others) then attracting abundance may be a challenge.  We can all find ways to be more generous in our lives especially as we head into the silly season when time, money and energy can all start to diminish......

Simple New Moon Ritual

The New Moon energetically is a good time to start something new or set goals and intentions.  Here are some simple ways to bring more generosity (and in turn abundance opportunities) into your life....

Our time:  How do you spend your time? Are you rushing around saying there is never enough of it? (Um...yep...hand up right here)... When we are stretched too thin, our energy becomes dissipated and scattered and nothing gets done anyway.  How can you find ways to be more generous with your time allowing more moments of self care and stillness, as well as time for focus, clarity and productivity?

Our attention:  Are you generous with your attention?  When you spend time with family and friends are you entirely present, listening (and hearing) and being wholly there?  Or are you thinking of the many other things you could or should be doing, or perhaps scrolling on your smart phone?

Our money:  You can still save money and avoid debt while being generous at the same time.  Being generous with your money doesn't mean spending huge amounts on frivolous items, or blowing it on expensive and spontaneous activities.  Being generous with money can be as simple as not taking the $2 change from the cab driver, or dropping a gold coin into the charity box at your local shops; it might be setting up a direct debit into your savings account so each month you save a little as you work towards your goals and dreams;  it can be investing in high quality, locally items made ethically and sustainably; it can be supporting small businesses instead of the big corporations...  

Ourselves:  How generous are you with yourself?  Do you spend money on yourself?  Do you allow treats here and there?  Do you turn off the wifi for a few hours and give to yourself what you deserve? 

  • Abundant love and attention?
  • Self care?  
  • Self love?
  • Mindfulness practises?  
  • Creative endeavours?  
  • Wholesome and delicious foods and liquids to fill our precious bodies?  

Others:  This time of year tends to see us spending up big on gifts, social outings, holidays and experiences.   But the amount of money we spend doesn't mean we love someone more or mean we are necessarily more generous.  There are better ways of showing our generosity, with handmade gifts, experiences and heartfelt time spent together.  

Strangers:  How can you give generously to someone you don't know?  It might be to help someone with directions; give an apple from your bag to a homeless person; not beep at the car in front of you, even if you want to; instead of selling your old clothes, donate them to charity; allowing someone ahead of you in a line...

Generosity is kindness in action.  

Being generous, even if we don't have much to give, takes courage.  But it is also the most rewarding kind of generosity and worth so much more than generosity coming from someone who lacks nothing.  Open hearted, conscious and courageous generosity tells our subconscious that we are not fearful about lacking anything, it keeps our heart open and our mind positive which in turn invites opportunities for abundance, prosperity and all kinds of unexpected delights...  

Happy New Moon! 

Love Alison 

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