Let Sparks Fly this Beltane

Let Sparks Fly this Beltane


The Dollar shops have been crammed full of skeletons, fake cobwebs were woven through front gardens, and dress up parties the chosen social occasion this weekend as 'Halloween' was celebrated all over the Western world.  

Considered the time of year when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, Samhain invites us to remember our ancestors and the lessons and gifts they have passed on.  The day occurs mid-way between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. Halloween is a modern day derivative of this ancient tradition, which has morphed something quite beautiful into scary gouls, tacky props and horror.  I'm all for a bit of a dress up and fun on Halloween, but I can't help notice that in Australia, Halloween is even more out of alignment with its origins, given the fact we are in the middle of Spring.  Instead of pulling up pumpkins as the chill of Winter approaches we are being beckoned by beautiful blooms and enjoying longer days and the promise of Summer.   So amid the abundance of Halloween celebrations I'll be tapping into the beautiful late Spring energy and acknowledging the fertility and fire festival of Beltane.   

An ancient Celtic festival, Beltane traditionally heralded the beginning of Summer and in pre-christian times was an important time to hold rituals to protect crops and cattle before they were lead out to pasture for the summer.  By lighting bonfires and celebrating this powerful element into the night, townsfolk felt they connected with the summer's sun and their cattle and crops would have a prosperous season.   It was also a time to celebrate the fertility of the earth and the Celtic gods, with the fires and rituals calling in a season of plenty and abundance come the summer.  A late night dancing around the fires drinking wine would often lead to other flames being kindled too....

Simple Beltane New Moon Ritual

Beltane Fertility Alter


Beltane this year also happens to fall on a New Moon,  energetically a time to invite new beginnings into your life and work towards your goals.  This New Moon is in passionate and energetic Scorpio.  Scorpio energy is powerful and favours bringing more passion into your life...rather appropriate for lusty Beltane...

So, on Oct 31, whether you choose to don fancy dress and celebrate Halloween or not, why not tap into this vital, passionate energy to bring more love and passion into your life.  Light a candle tonight and set a clear intention to get the sparks flying in your life, be it romantic passion, self-love, your passion for mother earth and all that she provides for you, or your own innate and divine creative spark within.  Whatever it is, use this opportunity to commit to celebrating it more.  

You also might like to gather items that represent fertility, perhaps imagery of mothers/pregnancy, moonstone crystals, pomegranates, fresh flowers or anything else that might feel right.  This could be dedicated to your own fertility (either literal or metaphorical) or perhaps an offering to Mother Earth, that she may continue to provide us with all we need. 

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