Manifest a Life you Love - Taurus Full Moon Ritual and Insights

Manifest a Life you Love - Taurus Full Moon Ritual and Insights

Taurus Full Moon invites you to nurture your relationships and indulge in self care

Today's Full Moon is in Taurus, a sensual sign which favours home comforts, beauty, love and abundance.  Exact at 4:22pm today (Sydney, Australia time), this month's full moon energy favours working on abundance issues and appreciating beauty and the pleasures of life.  Taurus is ruled by the goddess Venus who rules the heart, emotions and manifestation. It is the perfect time to spend quality time with those you love, nurturing your relationships as well as making time for yourself to celebrate YOU! 

After recently celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary (and 11 years of being together) I felt the call for my husband and I to spend some quality time together away from the day to day chores, long work hours and responsibilities of parenthood.  So little Flynn had 3 nights with his grandparents and we stayed at Billabong Retreat a beautiful wellbeing retreat famous for its yoga and views of an expansive billabong, the chorus of frogs and cicadas a constant soundtrack.  The only man there, my husband Michael was a tad intimidated when we arrived, but he settled in pretty quickly and the other ladies enjoyed having some grounding male energy around. It was fun to practise yoga together and it was amazing how being away together for just a few days (without the distraction of internet, work, chores and child rearing) helped us to reconnect and remember why we fell in love in the first place.  

We are both busy people and often feel like passing ships in the night, not finding much time these days to just hang out together like old times.  It wasn't cheap to go away to a fancy retreat and it was a bit of a big ask to have family look after Flynn for so long, but we decided it was important for the wellbeing of ourselves and our relationship so we made it happen.   I realised half way through our time away that it had only happened because we had made it a priority.  We left the retreat feeling much more relaxed and flexible (twice daily yoga for 3 days will do that) as well as lighter (veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner will do that) and more connected (after having felt more disconnected than connected in recent months).  
I came back feeling inspired to consciously make more time for us, even if its just a monthly movie night or dinner date, or time for all of us to hang out like picnics in the park or a day at the beach with Flynn on weekends.  It's so easy to let life get in the way, and forget to make an effort for ourselves or loved ones.  But it's only when we do make an effort that our desires begin to manifest.  And making the effort is truly worth it.  

Simple Full Moon Ritual

Dedicate some time tonight to connect with a loved one or indulge in some self love with a beautiful nurturing ritual.  

Run yourself a healing bath (or foot bath) adding 2 drops of grounding Patchouli or Vetiver, 2 drops of uplifting Sweet Orange and one drop of sensual Ylang Ylang with half a cup of sea salt or epsom salts.  You might want to sprinkle in some fresh rose petals and light some candles to create a truly luxurious and sensual experience.  Sink into your bath and focus on what you want to manifest in your life and that which you want to continue to nurture, whether it be creating an inspiring and beautiful home, nurturing wonderfully fulfilling relationships or making time to bring more sacred self care into your life.  

If you can, try to identify what might hold you back from taking more time out for yourself (or your relationships).  How can you foster a stronger sense of self worth and confidence in order to give more to yourself or those you care about? 

When we feel confident in ourselves we can more easily attract what we want.

Take a few moment to connect inwards, visualise your heart space opening like a blossoming rose and send yourself some deep, unconditional love. You are worthy of love and are beautiful, inside and out...


Sending you love and light on this luminous Full Moon
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