Order Amongst the Chaos - Virgo Full Moon Insights and Ritual

Order Amongst the Chaos - Virgo Full Moon Insights and Ritual

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Tomorrow's Full Moon exact at 1:34am (Sydney, Australia time) is in disciplined and analytical Virgo on Monday March 13.  Full Moons often illuminate what is usually hidden (or what we might normally try to avoid), inviting us to expand our perception and provide opportunities for growth.   The intensity of a Full Moon generates energy for creativity and expansion and is the best time in the lunar cycle to work towards bringing abundance, love and shifts for change and transformation into our lives.  


Virgos are renowned for being careful, organised and efficient.  Their standards are high, for those around them and often even more so for themselves. The sign also aligns with the healer archetype as Virgos are deeply compassionate and love to offer their services to those in need.  As a Virgo myself, I know all too well the pressure and perfectionism that can eat away at my best efforts.  Learning to surrender, accepting that I have done my best, is a constant challenge.  While order and systems are always going to help with efficiency and productivity, sometimes it's when these constraints are allowed to fall away that the most magic happens.  With the Sun currently in Pisces, Virgo energy is challenged by an intuitive-driven, creative energy that knows no bounds and which does not like to be 'organised' or 'perfect'.  

Pisces and Virgo are fundamentally at odds with each other, intuitive vs logical, organised vs chaos, play vs work, a conflict I know intimately with my Moon in Pisces.  I am at odds with my Virgo sun and Pisces moon on a daily basis, it's often a clumsy dance with toes getting in the way, stumbling, tripping, as my creative chaotic self dreams up new potions and other wild creative ideas, while my perfectionist and judgmental self tries to steer the course back to finishing all the half started projects, not to mention the washing, cook dinner and put my DVDs into alphabetical order.  Allowing space to be creative without being perfect (and perhaps just for fun) is one of my life lessons.  It's something I have tried to challenge recently by enrolling in a couple of art-based workshops and courses where I can simply make a mess and have fun without any expectations of the outcome.  

Having more fun and being more creative was partly my motivation for creating the latest Alyssum Alchemy product Sacred Sunlight Body Mist.  An intentional tool to use when you want to be reminded to just have fun and to invite more creative inspiration (and possibly a bit of mess) into your life.  It's citrusy, floral aroma works a treat with aromatherapy oils for positivity and emotional balance and is infused with crystals and essences for inspiration, joy, creativity and trust in the divine process. 

I recently finished the book Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Full of helpful analogies and real life stories demonstrating why letting go of outcomes, surrounding to the creative process and replacing pressure with curiosity and perfectionism with a sense of wonder is a better way to create and to live.  It is important to care about what we do, but we can't care too much or it becomes tainted, out of reach, and weighed down with fear and anxiety.  There is a lightness and joy that comes with hoping for the best but accepting that what will be will be....

Of course there are some wonderful traits from Virgo we can draw on to help our lives run smoothly.  There is merit to being somewhat organised in our lives or we end up with no food in the fridge, no clean clothes for work, forgotten appointments and missed opportunities.  Deciding which things in our life needs structure and which things benefit from a bit of flexibility is the key.   Simplifying and sorting our priorities and possessions may mean we have more space for fun and creativity.  

Being organised doesn't have to be about strict graphs or schedules.  Perhaps instead we can implement practical and flexible systems which work around our slightly chaotic lives allowing us to stay on top of stuff, activities, commitments and our health and wellbeing.  Virgo energy also can tend to keep us in our head space (rather than our heart), so the trick is finding the delicate balance between being practical and organised while still having fun, letting our dreams soar and listening to our guides.

This full moon ask yourself where can you bring more order in your life to allow greater freedom and space for creativity and play.  

Support your intentions with a simple ritual using grounding essential oils such as patchouli and vetiver, combined with sweet orange for joy and mandarin to connect with your inner child.  Try a couple of drops in an oil vaporiser to infuse your home, or add a drop of each into 1 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil and drizzle into in a cleansing bath (or foot bath) with sea salt, or massage into your heart space and feet before climbing into fresh sheets and sinking into a deep restorative sleep.

Don't forget to cleanse your crystals in the moonlight (pop them outside for the evening in a shallow dish to soak up the vibes).  As the moon gently wanes (gets smaller) over the coming week take some small steps to simplify your home and life allowing space for wonderful new possibilities and adventures to unfurl and blossom (without too much expectation for what's to come!).  

Love and Light,

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