Reflect, Release and Reset on the Super Blue Lunar Eclipse

Reflect, Release and Reset on the Super Blue Lunar Eclipse

January is almost over, but it's not too late to reflect on the past 12 months, release what's not working for you and reset before the Lunar New Year begins in 2 weeks.  


In fact the timing couldn't be more perfect with Eclipse season upon us again.  Tonight's Total Lunar Eclipse will occur during the Super Full Moon in Leo, peaking just after midnight tonight at 12: 30am, Sydney, Australia time).  It's a Blue Moon for the Northern Hemisphere but actually as the Full Moon is exact after midnight (in Sydney anyway), in theory it's not actually 'blue' for us (a Blue Moon is the term used when 2 Full Moons occur within the same month).  But it's still a mighty good opportunity for reflection, release and resetting for the year ahead Blue or not. 

Tonight's display will be visible in much of the world, including Australia (weather pending, go away clouds!), with the eclipse beginning about 10:30pmin Sydney and finishing about 1:30am.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth moves between the sun and the full moon, causing the earth’s shadow to block the light from the moon’s surface.  This puts earth directly between the moon and sun creating an intense pull of energy, which can be very powerful if applied to your intentions, add this to the existing energy of the full moon and you have some extra mojo to work with.

A lunar eclipse supports work on our inner life, (if we are willing), helping us to process and delve into our emotional and personal issues.  You may chose to tap into this eclipse energy to initiate transformation and change in your life.  

A full moon in Leo but with a strong alignment within the Cancer constellation too, tonight's lunar event invites you to find your inner strength and fire up your Solar Plexus which rules pride, confidence and personal power.  It also invites you to look at issues surrounding your home, family, motherhood, housework and comfort.   Finding a balance between work and family, career and children, and between self care and caring for others could be a good focus for this eclipse.   Particularly how these issues might relate to trust, fear, self esteem and self confidence as well as how you give and receive love.  

If possible try to meditate, do a card reading or journal as the eclipse occurs tonight.  But even if you take some time over the next 24 hours, the energies present will still be potent enough to support you in releasing whatever needs to go, if you're willing to do the work.  

Try listing all the things in your life you are ready to release or surrender to (particularly those relating to the issues mentioned above).   Ask your guides in supporting you to let go, allowing space for new opportunities or situations to manifest.  You might also like to use this time to cleanse or clear your home or workspace.  Try palo santo or sage to smudge or use a ritual aromatherapy mist such as the Alyssum Alchemy Sacred Space Meditation Mist or Sacred Ceremony Ritual Mist.  

I will be using this potent time to meditate and create some wonderful, highly charged, moon and eclipse blessed crystal elixirs for my product range.  

Doing inner work during these potent times can be incredibly effective and life changing, but be mindful of the intense energies around, and be kind to yourself if you are finding the next few weeks particularly challenging.  Walks in nature, cups of tea, beautiful aromatherapy products, hot baths and massages, big belly laughs, dips in the ocean and nourishing food, all of these can help to balance and calm, support and nurture you on your journey through this gateway of change and opportunity.

Sending you love and light on this luminous Full Moon
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