Winter's Icy Kiss Beckons you to Pause

Winter's Icy Kiss Beckons you to Pause

Winter is about retreating, resting, allowing yourself to sink into a dark deep place of rest to allow your body mind and spirit to be regenerated, restored and nurtured.  It is a time to cultivate, rejuvenate, and be replenished.  

And tomorrow is the most wintery day of all, the shortest day of the year and the longest night.  Traditionally a time of reflection the 'Winter Solstice' marks the beginning of a new solar cycle and is time for those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere to create our New Year Resolutions and reflect on what we want to achieve in the coming year.

The middle of winter is symbolically a great time to plant seeds for the next 12 months. 

It is a time for reflection, an opportunity for renewal and setting new goals. As the days gradually get longer and warmer, you can take steps to make your goals a reality.

Imagine your goals or dreams as dormant seeds sitting in the cold soil waiting for the Spring to unfurl themselves– they need quiet, rest, nutrients.  Let this time be for you to nurture your hopes and ambitions for the future.  Allow your body to rest, sleep more, read books, watch movies, eat warming slow cooked foods infused with spices, soups and stews, porridge, chai, and mulled wine.  Sink into hot baths, take brisk walks and breathe in the fresh crisp air.  Drape soft cozy blankets over your couch and leave slippers at the foot of your bed.   Create a haven at home, vaporise essential oils, burn candles, light your home with lamps and scatter it with comfy cusions.  Make your into bedroom a sanctuary with extra quilts and pillows, hot water bottles and cups of tea.

Winter is a time for you to cultivate and regenerate preparing for the creativity and new beginnings Spring offers us.  

It is also 6 months since your new year's resolutions.  Reflect back on what you hoped to achieve this year.  Consider how these goals are going and if you need to reinvigorate them with more action, or perhaps they need to be recrafted into slightly different, more achieveable goals. Breaking down big goals into smaller ones make them much more achievable and more enjoyable to pursue.

Perhaps you have reached some of your goals already - if so, take a moment to acknowledge this - we so easily go from achieving something to immediately looking for the next goal to chase - but if we fail to celebrate the little achievements along the way we can become dissatisfied.  It's about the journey as well as the destination after all.  

Simple Solstice Ritual

Traditionally a time for celebration and community, tonight is a wonderful opportunity to cook up a feast and share it with close family and friends.

Alternatively you might like to do something quiet and retreat into some self reflection.  Create a sacred space by burning incense and essential oils.  Take some time to meditate and go inward tuning into your inner wisdom which marinates in the darkness of your mind.  Find the sparks of inspiration and ideas which are sitting dormant just waiting to be nourished and nurtured into life.  Write these down and make a commitment to helping these seeds of potential to unfurl in the bright light of Spring.

Try burning the following blend to bring a spicy, warm fragrance into your home:

2 drops of Cinnamon or Nutmeg

4 drops of Sweet Orange or Mandarin

2 drops of Frankincense

Solstice Blessings!
Love Alison 

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