Earth Song Anointing Parfum - Organic Perfume Oil


Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards Winner 2021 - Best Natural Fragrance 

Ground  Anchor  Embody

Earth Song is an award winning perfumed symphony of earthly delights, seed, stem, fruit and flower, wood, root, bud and bark.  A lovingly handcrafted organic perfume to call you back home again, where you can nestle into the warm embrace of loving Mother Earth. 

  • Aspects: Amber, gourmand, warm citrus, balsamic with a lingering earthy and woodsy dry down.  
  • Organic jojoba oil has been solar infused with organic vanilla beans and ground frankincense granules to form the nourishing and sweet smelling base for this grounding perfume. 
  • The 100% natural fragrance opens with an optimistic citrus burst of Japanese yuzu and bergamot, softens with warm spiced scent of ginger, vanilla and cloves, and gentle caress of two varieties of rose and orange blossom.  Lingering with amazing tenacity is an earthy and grounding foundation of vetiver, myrrh and ambrette seed and native desert timbers of Buddha wood, Australian Sandalwood and Australian White Cypress.
  • Infused with Australian quartz, activated with Angelic light codes and vibrational remedies to support you being fully present in your body so you can soak up the full spectrum of a human experience.  Crystal, environmental and wild flower essences support embodyment, alignment, activation of Earth star chakra, connection with Gaia frequencies, connection with land spirits and plant devas.  It will support you in perceiving the Earth as a conscious and vibrational being.  Includes essences made in Scotland, The Arctic, Bali and Australia. Blessed with sacred Reiki symbols.   
  • 'Parfum' dilution, meaning it is the most concentrated perfume type.  

The scent is grounding yet euphoric, like sweet, spiced honey blended with the fresh dampness of the forest floor.  This perfume oil has been in gestation for 2 years, only now ready to be birthed into the world.  

As an energetic support tool it invites deeper connection to self and to the Earth, assisting you to anchor your hopes into your heart space, and beckoning you to fully embody your spiritual self and act on all that you want to be and see in the world.  As Gaia frequencies have begun to shift and expand, so too have our own frequencies.  This perfume will support your expansion and connection with Gaia and her energetic crystalline grid of love and infinite abundance and nourishment.  

You are being summoned to act on your insights and intuition and to reflect on how we are each an instrument in the orchestra of life, the notes we play always have an impact on the whole of Earth’s song.  To create a beautiful melody we must listen to each other and play in harmony, with respect for each other’s own unique contribution. 

How to Use: 

Apply to your pulse points (wrists and behind your ear lobes) as you would a regular perfume, but with intention and reverence for yourself and the beautiful planet you call home.  You may also wish to anoint your heart space or soft part of the soles on of your feet, behind your knees and your tail bone.  Use during meditation, any kind of embodiment work, when feeling anxious, fearful or ungrounded.


frankincense and vanilla* infused jojoba*oil, essential oils of yuzu, myrrh*, rose absolute, ginger CO2*, bergamot*, ylang ylang*, buddha wood, sandalwood album, Australian sandalwood, vetiver*, white cypress, patchouli*, neroli*, ambrette seed CO2, clove*,  *Certifed organic.

gem, environmental & wild flower essences of Arctic Moss, Red Dahlia, Yucca, Pebble, Amber, Sandstone, Black Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline/Smokey Quartz, Gigha Quartz, Cinnabar, Bloodstone  

If irritation occurs discontinue use. Avoid during pregnancy. Avoid contact with broken skin or eyes.

Australian made. 100% natural. Vegan. Cruelty free. 

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