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Alyssum Alchemy

Equilibrium Essential Oil Blend 5ml

Equilibrium Essential Oil Blend 5ml

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For Purification, Balance and Harmony in the Home - An Autumn 2024 Micro Batch

A 100% pure essential oil composition designed for the oil burner or vaporiser, this uplifting blend embodies the energy of Autumn as it invites balance and harmony into your home. 

Featuring high quality essential oils Equilibrium is soothing to the nervous system, balancing for emotions, while inviting warmth and vitality with spice. 

Citrus notes of white grapefruit and Japanese yuzu energise and refresh while sweet florals of geranium and ylang ylang balance hormones and soothe nervous tension.  Australian native botanicals of Buddhawood and lemon myrtle ground and uplift, while spices of black pepper, ginger and cinnamon revitalise and motivate.  

Energetically the oil also supports cleansing and protection with cedarwood and juniper berry both having a long history of use in purification of spaces.  

A micro batch especially blended for Autumn 2024 and one I hope will fill your home with a welcoming and comforting fragrance.  

Ingredients:  100% pure essential oils of yuzu, white grapefruit, geranium*, atlas cedarwood*, buddhawood, black pepper, lemon myrtle, juniper berry*, ylang ylang*, cinnamon bark, peru balsam, ginger C02* 

*certified organic

Safety:  Please note this blend is NOT for use on the skin or to be used in the bath (not even diluted), it is pure essential oils (no base oils) and contains skin and dermal irritants.  Strictly for vapourising and oil burner use. Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes, do not ingest.  Avoid during pregnancy. 

Australian made, 100% natural, not tested on animals. 

Cannot be shipped outside of Australia. 

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