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Alyssum Alchemy

Mystic Mocha Ceremonial Body Scrub

Mystic Mocha Ceremonial Body Scrub

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A Sensual Aromatic Body Scrub 

A limited edition, seasonally blended micro batch skin treat

Release what no longer serves with this ceremonial grade body scrub featuring high grade aromatics and skin loving inclusions.  Caffeine has been proven to benefit skin tone and help with reducing fluid, improve the appearance of cellulite as well as supporting blood flow.  

Finely ground Balinese Coffee combines with organic raw sugar from Queensland to form the base of this fine body scrub.   Organic raw cacao powder from South America adds chocolatey antioxidant and anti inflammatory goodness .  Fine Australian sandalwood powder and hand ground frankincense granules are ceremonial aromatics added for their exfoliation properties and their historical use in cleansing ceremonies.  Vanilla and organic cold pressed coconut oil add luscious sweetness and moisture.   Australian essential oils of lemon myrtle and Lemon Scented Tea Tree add antibacterial properties and a lush lemony freshness to balance the stronger aromatics of coffee and chocolate. 

How to use: 

Transfer 1 tablespoon of mixture into a small bowl to avoid getting your paper pouch wet.  Scoop out a small amount of scrub and then massage over wet skin in the bath or shower.  Using circular movements gently massage all over the body (please note this product is NOT formulated or recommended for facial skin).  Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel after all scrub has been washed off.  Please be mindful this product will stain towels and clothes if its not sufficiently washed off.  Please avoid using near unsealed enamel or porous surfaces to prevent staining of surfaces.  


organic Australian raw sugar, finely ground Balinese coffee, organic raw cacao, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, vanilla beans, vanilla essence, hand ground frankincense resin, organic jojoba oil Australian sandalwood powder, lemon myrtle essential oil, lemon scented tea tree essential oil, organic lavender essential oil


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