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Alyssum Alchemy

New Dawn Anointing Parfum

New Dawn Anointing Parfum

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Limited Spring Equinox 23 Release, only a few bottles remaining 

Rare florals elevate a backdrop of Australian native botanicals in this all natural  perfume for the woman ready to step into a new way of being.

This is next level, luxury perfumery.   

An exquisite, artisan crafted, fine fragrance. 

AND a high frequency, energetic support and activation tool.

New Dawn Anointing Parfum Oil features 25 different botanical aromatic components and has been a work in progress for ten years. 

You cannot make a flower bloom before it is ready.  It will unfold toward the light with grace only when the conditions are right.  This is the lesson of this perfume.  Honouring your own unique, divine timing. 

The new way of being in the world is not to push but to soften into expansion and flow, surrendering to the gentle nudges of the heart and the cycles of our own inner seasons.  New Dawn supports you to step into your most expansive and expressive self and bloom into your potential.   

Organic Moroccan orange blossom (Neroli) is the star of this fragrance and is expressed in three distinct layers, featuring the organic essential oil, the organic extract AND orange blossom absolute. 

Valerie Ann Worwood sums up the magic of neroli in these few lines in her book Fragrant Heavens. 

“Neroli touches the realms of the angels, and anyone who uses it is brushed with the light of angels’ wings. Neroli is one of the most precious essential oils, it’s vibration being one of the highest. It may be that it resonates with energy from another light-time in the universe, perhaps taking its light from another sun in the vast cosmos. Wherever it’s subtle and luminescent quality comes from, it is omnipresent.”

Neroli's delicate sweetness is cupped in a chalice of Jasmine, Melissa (lemon balm), Boronia and Sandalwood.

New Dawn is a lavish chorus of heady florals and vibrant greens.

Lifted by lemon, petitgrain and bergamot

Warmed with a spiced heart of vanilla from the Daintree rainforest, cardamom, ginger and coriander seed

Anchored with a backdrop of damp earth yawning open to new growth with notes of patchouli and Australian Timbers of sandalwood and white cypress.

It's soft like velvet, powdery and delicate despite having a huge volume of highly fragrant aromatics. 

Reminiscent of old fashioned perfumes. 

Ethereal like faery's wings.

Energetically it is a fragrance to herald the emergence of Spring, but also to mark a new chapter in our own lives. 

It's the stepping up and stepping out finally, after being afraid of showing up in the world as the vibrant and magnificent being you are. 

It's the blossoming into the fullness of your being and sharing your gifts with the world. 

It is permission to step onto your highest timeline and follow your dreams.

It's coming home to the truth of who you really are.  


To anchor in the energies of the Spring equinox this oil was hand poured into bottles the week of the 23rd of September as the Spring sunshine dawned over the ocean. 

Aligned with the potent and dynamic frequency of Spring, this gorgeous botanical fragrance will be hand blended in a micro batch once per year in limited numbers.

Next release will be Spring Equinox 2024

Grab your bottle of this exclusive and decadent seasonal perfume while stock lasts.  


Full ingredients listed below:

As always, I draw on my extensive palette of  Australian Native botanicals when crafting a new product.   

Boronia is an Australian native shrub which blooms prolifically in early Spring with highly fragrant tiny bell shaped flowers. Her sultry depth and honeyed sweetness lends a dimension that jasmine and neroli could never do on their own.   

Australian timbers of Western Australian Sandalwood and White Cypress Wood fade into the background of the perfume, yet give it tenacity and longevity on the skin.  Nerolina is another little known Aussie botanical.  In this blend it elevates the florals with its fresh crispness unique to Australian natives, and gives the citrus notes a longer lifespan on the nose.  

The entire perfume is cradled in a base of organic jojoba infused by hand cut vanilla beans grown in the Daintree rainforest in far north Queensland.

I've used my most exotic, rare and costly aromatics in this formula.  Absolutes of jasmine, neroli, violet leaf, orris root, tuberose, melissa, narcissus and boronia are luxurious and decadent.  Top shelf selections for the natural perfumer who values opulence above overheads. 

Full Ingredients list:

Daintree Rainforest grown vanilla bean infused organic jojoba, essential oils of bergamot* (BP free), Australian sandalwood, neroli*, lemon*, petitgrain sur fleurs*, patchouli*, cardamom*, jasmine absolute, coriander seed, white cypress wood, orange blossom extract*, jasmine extract*, nerolina, boronia absolute, melissa (lemon balm) absolute, ginger Co2*, cardamom Co2*, liquid amber (styrax), peru balsam, orange blossom absolute, violet leaf absolute, tuberose absolute, narcissus absolute,

*certified organic

gem, flower and environmental essences,

infused by Australia rose quartz

activated by high frequency light codes

avoid during pregrancy, avoid contact with broken skin or eyes, if irritation occurs discontinue use

How to Use

Apply to pulse points (such as the inside of the wrist and behind the ear)

Anoint the heart space in times of grief or contraction of the heart.

Like all natural perfumes, she is designed to be an intimate companion, gracing you with her gentle caress.  The warm pulse of your blood under the skin keeping the scent alive.   Those who lean in for an embrace will also be kissed by her sensual sweetness and ethereal eminence. 

Just a drop or two is sufficient to be held in her high level frequency of support and expansion.  

This is more than just a luxury fragrance. It is also a high frequency energetic activation tool.

With intention it can support you to step into your most expansive and expressive self and awaken your heart to infinite possibility.

Features and Benefits


This perfume showcases high end perfumery raw materials including exotic and rare aromatics. Absolutes of jasmine, neroli, violet leaf, orris root, tuberose, melissa, narcissus and boronia are luxurious and decadent.  Top shelf selections for the natural perfumer who values opulence above overheads.

Hand crafted in micro batches with love once a year using 100% natural botanical ingredients by a woman owned Australian small business.

Housed in Swiss made Violet glass to protect and preserve the potency of the natural ingredients and energetic vibrations.


A curation of gem and flower essences have been included to support expansion, inspiration, joy, confidence, softening into trust and reclaiming our gifts.

A flower attracts via its own unique frequency and expression.  It softens, opens to receive, and simply ‘IS’.  It does not ‘TRY’ to be anything but itself.  If only we humans would be so bold.  To accept ourselves as we are.  Nothing to change, nothing to do, but to simply 'be' our own unique exquisite selves.

This activation tool supports you to lean into the truth of who you are so you can reclaim your own unique talents and expression.

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