Spring into Action - Aries Full Moon Ritual and Insights

Spring into Action - Aries Full Moon Ritual and Insights

spring into action this Aries full moon

One of the things I love about having an awareness of the moon’s cycle is that it gives me a clean slate every month.  Those New Moon intentions I set which fell by the wayside last month will have another chance of being ignited on the following New Moon.  Likewise the Full Moon is a monthly reminder to acknowledge what is working in my life and what is not, and to do a reset or release.  If I forget, or just don’t have the mojo to do what needs to be done this month there’s always next month, it takes the pressure off and gives space for healing and progress, and the monthly renewal is ever-forgiving for those of us who procrastinate or who are just time poor.  For some of us actioning what we intend can be hard...

The Full Moon in Aries, which is at its peak at 12:52pm Sydney time (but the energy of which is accessible for another 48 hours) is ruled by fiery Mars who lends us power of the warrior, supporting assertiveness (and in some case aggression).  The energy of Mars can help us to clear away obstacles in a ‘search and destroy’ kinda way, and can help with breakthroughs when we are being blocked from progress or achievement.  Combine this with the dynamic momentum and energy of Spring and you have a wonderful opportunity to break free of your own self imposed limitations (conscious or otherwise). 

I’ve often felt my fire energy could do with some fuel, it kinda smoulders and smokes (I’m more of a watery, earthy kind of gal).  But there are times in my life when I really need that fire - the fire of action and transformation. 

Simple Full Moon Ritual

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator, (perhaps an ideas person like me, not always an action person) call on the current Aries Full Moon energy to fortify resolve and intentions, fire up your motivation and courage to step forth and do the work (not just wish you could do it) and burn through resistance, blocks and fear.  

Or if you have a battle on your hands (or some kind of conflict) call on Aries and the energy of Mars to support you in your challenges ahead.  Aries will help you forge into unknown territory and give you courage.  

Oils to support embracing your fiery warrior energy include cinnamon, clove, ginger, lemon myrtle, orange, cedarwood and ylang ylang.  Crystals and gems to support this energy include citrine, red jasper, bloodstone, garnet and ruby.  

Try the following blend (use only pure essential oils) 

1 drop cinnamon or clove
1 drop ylang ylang
2 drops cedarwood
2 drops ginger
2 drops lemon myrtle or orange
20ml carrier oil such as jojoba, almond or fractionated coconut oil. 

Or use the divinely scented citrine infused Alyssum Alchemy Sacred Sunlight Body Elixir if you have a bottle (designed exactly for the purpose of increasing vitality, joy, inspiration and courage). 

Massage the blend into your feet and into your belly, pour some into a warm bath.  Light candles and incense and smudge your home with palo santo or a smudge stick (or for a smoke free alternative try a mist such as my Sacred Space Meditation Mist) and clear your space of built up and unwanted energies.   

A fire ceremony may also be helpful during this time.  Try writing a list of your obstacles (situations not people) and then with heart centred intention (not anger) burn your list (outdoors if possible in a fireproof vessel such as on old tin) and energetically release whatever is holding you back from moving forward.  Keep the ash to sprinkle on your garden or a pot plant so your trials can provide nourishment for new life and growth.  

With all my love on this luminous full moon




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