Pisces Full Moon Insights and Ritual

Pisces Full Moon Insights and Ritual

Spring is here (at least in the Southern Hemisphere).  And isn't she just glorious?  The skies are bright and clear and the air just feels lighter.  Spring energy is dynamic and motivating making this Sacred Season a wonderful opportunity to invite change into our lives.  

During Springtime we are more energetically supported to start new projects and embark on new adventures.  In a few weeks the Spring Equinox will be here, the most potent time all year to create a vision board, write down your yearly goals and to action your dreams.  

To make space for these delightful things we first must pull up the weeds of Winter so new shoots can push through the dark earth and head towards the light.  As tomorrow's Full Moon in Pisces gradually wanes (gets smaller) consider a gentle detox of your mind, body and soul to celebrate this new season.  

Simple Full Moon Ritual

Tomorrow's Full Moon in Pisces (September 6, exact at 5pm Sydney, Australia time) invites us to delve deeply into our subsconcious, tap into our intuition, invite more magic into our lives and meditate.  To make space for this soul growth and in order to bloom into our fullest version of ourselves we need to have space in our hearts and homes. 

Digital detox: 

Become more conscious of how much time you spend in front of screens, be it your TV, phone or computer screen. For the next week consciously try to spend 2-4 hours a day completely screen free.  Consider having a set time to check social media updates rather than unconsciously scrolling in your spare time.  Use this time instead to spend it in nature, indulge in self care such as long baths, massages, yoga classes or being creative.  Unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer enjoy and turn off notifications from social media apps.  I recently deleted the Facebook app from my phone and I'm loving having one less distraction on my phone.

Mind detox:  

Meditation allows for deep inner reflection and can help us gain clarity and perspective around things that might be stressing us out.  Try a simple Metta meditation (loving kindess) where you focus on opening up your heart space and send yourself unconditional love and compassion.  You might be surprised how hard this can be. It can be hard coming out of our Winter cocoon sometimes and some self love might just give you the confidence to step out into the light.  Take time out the next week to meditate and reflect on how you can release self limiting beliefs and invite more self love into your life.  Try annointing your heart space with the Rose Radiance Facial Nectar during this exercise.  Rose and Neroli essential oils, combined with the Rose Quartz infusion and Gem and Flower essences especially chosen for self love will support you in your own self love journey.  

Stuff Detox:  

Declutter!  Make like Marie Kondo and purge your home of anything you don't actually love.  Life is too short to have daggy shorts filling up your drawers and ugly vases taking up valuable real estate on your bookshelf.  Donate what you no longer love or use to charities and enjoy knowing that someone else will gain from your generosity.  While you're at it, bin all your chemical based cosmetics, skincare and cleaning products (there are so many natural or DIY equivalent options which also smell much better!).  The more you get rid of, the more space you create (physically, emotionally and energetically) for delicious new opportunities to enter your life!  Finish with a beautiful smudge with smoke (white sage or salo panto are good options), cleansing aromatherapy mists or sounds (such as tibetan bowls, drumming or some uplifting music) 

Body Detox:  

I'm not an advocate of diets, but I am all about eating seasonally and listening to my body (and responding to it as best I can).  I've been craving lemon water and vegetable loaded stir fries the last few weeks.  I'm consciously bringing more leafy greens into my diet and trying to limit my coffee intake as I replace it with water, herbal teas, roasted dandelion lattes and green smoothies.  Generally the fruits and veggies in season in Spring naturally have cleansing and detoxing properties (such as watermelon, blood orange,  celery, cucumber and asparagus).   Consider if your daily food and fluid intake could do with a bit of a Spring clean too.

Try dry skin brushing before your daily shower for the next month to help exfoliate away dry Winter skin and encourage cell renewal as well as support the removal of toxins and excess fluid.  Follow your shower with a nourishing body oil using firm upwards strokes to replenish your skin and support lymphatic drainage.  Try my new Sacred Sunlight Body Elixir for a truly decadent skin loving ritual.  

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon full of magic and possibilities.

Love and light

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