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Alyssum Alchemy

Gardenia Perfume Locket - A Gold Plated Luxury

Gardenia Perfume Locket - A Gold Plated Luxury

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This is a very limited edition, special Summer 23 release artisan perfume.  

3 vintage gold plated lockets left!  

Please keep in a cool environment especially over the warmer months*.  

A true treasure.  Art in form.

A slow made (over 12 months), handcrafted enfleurage perfume held within a gold plated vintage vessel and a botanical perfume fixative accompaniment. 

This is a subtle, gentle scent, not a strong perfume like my other creations.  Crafted over two late Spring early Summers (2022 and 2023) using home grown organic Gardenias from my garden in Mount Pleasant on the south coast of NSW, this perfume has been made using the labour intensive traditional technique of enfleurage.  

Somewhat of a scent education, this perfume has two expressions for your experience. 

1.  On the textured side of the locket is the pure gardenia enfleurage.   This is composed of shea butter, gardenia volatile floral compounds (which have been absorbed into the shea butter), and a small amount of beeswax and jojoba oil for stability.  

2.  On the shiny side of the locket is a botanical perfume fixative, crafted with a base of the gardenia enfleurage, with other high end botanical aromatics added to 'exalt' the gardenia and create a more tenacious and multi layered perfume experience.  The botanical perfume is primarily enfleurage but has been enhanced with fragrant raw materials such as vanilla, tonka bean, Australian sandalwood, cedarwood absolute, cocoa butter, a hint of gardenia absolute, lemon and bergamot.  Still a subtle fragrance, this perfume will have more distinct top, middle and base notes.   This can be used as a base for your gardenia enfleurage perfume so it lasts longer on the skin if you so choose.  Apply first then apply your gardenia enfleurage if wanting to use it to 'fix' (enhance) your gardenia enfleurage perfume.  

Try layering the two perfumes into a single scent or wear them independently.  You also might like to experiment by layering either of these perfumes with your favourite Alyssum Alchemy perfume oil and see how they express as one.  Being a waxy, solid fat these perfumes will also act as an excellent fixative and barrier (between your skin and the applied perfume oil) keeping the oil from absorbing into your skin too quickly.  The result will be an expansion and extension of your favourite perfume oil, with new layers and fragrant elements revealing themselves.   

A dedication to the history of scent and to the flower itself, my handcrafted enfleurage is a powerful way to connect with the essence and spirit of Gardenia and its unique fragrance and frequency.   Enfleurage, literally means 'in flower' and is a perfume all on its own. 

A subtle and intimate experience of scent.   Only your nearest and dearest, who lean in for an embrace and inhale your skin will detect the secret scent emanating from your pulse points.  It's a private, personal sensory experience and is not meant to broadcast your arrival into a room.    A gentle perfume exploration with nuances and layers that will emerge with your close attention, patience and curiosity.  

The Locket 

A gold plated vintage locket (new, unused, old stock).  Sourced direct from a jeweller (who sourced them himself from Taiwan in the 70s) and who has confirmed and tested the gold plating.  It measures approximately 40mm x 30mm x 8mm.

The locket has two deep sides and so I decided to create a perfume journey for you by including two distinct yet connected perfumes.  Each side holds approximately 1.5g of solid organic perfume, in total the locket holds about 3g of perfume. 

While your locket can of course be worn, it is recommended to NOT to wear the locket while it has perfume in it.  Due to the nature of shea butter becoming soft when it warms, the integrity of your perfume could be impacted by the heat of your body against the metal of the locket over time.  Please keep your perfume away from heat or warm environments (ie not on your body or left in a car).  Once you have used up the perfume you can wipe away any residue from the interior with a dry cloth or tissue (and apply to your skin) and then wear as a locket.  The interior is deep enough to hold a photo and perhaps even a tiny trinket such as a four leaf clover, locks of hair of a loved one or a very flat tiny crystal. 


Enfleurage is a complex scent yet also a subtle expression when compared with essential oil based perfumes (it is incomparable to synthetics).   Please give your fragrance the opportunity to express itself on your skin over time.  Warmth will enliven the fragrance, so allow it to breathe and awaken on your pulse points before inhaling and enjoying.  If you find the fragrance so subtle you cannot really smell it (this is unlikely, however some less sensitive noses used to synthetics might not pick up the delicate and nuanced layers) you can use the perfume as a fixative for existing perfume oils and botanical perfumes.  Layer a small amount onto your wrist and pulse points and then apply your chosen perfume oil or alcohol based natural perfume.  As a fixative, this product can help to extend the fragrance of any natural perfumes or oils you apply to your skin.  

Natural perfumes are expressed as alchemy on the skin and will shift and change over time, with top, middle and base notes revealing themselves dynamically in their own time.  The expression of a fragrance will also depend on the temperature and chemistry of your skin and your perception of it will be determined by your sense of smell.  The best way to experience this unique perfume is to apply it to your pulse points, without rubbing it in and avoid washing it off during the day.  Natural perfumes slowly unfold revealing all their subtle and intimate layers over several hours. 

Due to the inclusion of beeswax this product is not considered vegan.  

*If your perfume gets too soft (it is made primarly of shea butter which is quite a soft botanical fat), simply pop in the freezer for an hour to solidify the perfume once more.  Keep your locket open for this in order to keep the two perfumes seperate.  

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